Thursday, October 11, 2007

Claire Turns 13

Monday was a big day at our house. Claire had her 13th birthday, and thus made us a house of three teenagers!! To celebrate this big occasion we had a party both on Saturday and Monday. You have to celebrate this momentous occasion well!

On the actual day of her birthday, I took Claire and three friends to the mall to help her find a new, stylish look for a beautiful 13 year old girl. Becca (our beloved JV Kid Care coordinator), Lucy Till (beloved American friend in the same class as Claire at their Czech school), and Grace Pitcher (beloved long time friend who lives just over the trees from our house!), were the most amazing friends that day. They walked around the mall for three hours, helping Claire find new clothes and accessories for her new look. They were all you could want in a friend!

In the end, with help from a package from Grandma (who was also in on the "new look"!) she had three new outfits at the end of the day, complete with great accessories, to bring in this new teenager look. Claire has been a comfy, casual dresser for quite some time so this is a huge departure into the big world of fashion! We are all excited about it!

But even more, I am excited about what the years ahead will bring for her. She continues to be a delightful, thoughtful,
kind, cheerful person, who is blossoming into a beautiful young woman!

For more perspective and pictures on the big 13th birthday celebration, see Claire's blog (link to the right)!!


  1. This entry feeeels so lonely that I was compelled to coment on the momentous occasion of my niece turning 13. Claire is growing up and we probably will be seeing less of the pink clothes that make her so cute and more of the stylish new trendy colors and clothes which make her look so grown-up.
    Welcome to your teenage years Claire.

  2. Wooooooow.... this feels like forever ago.