Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Claire's 16th Birthday Ball

It's not every girl who gets to go to a ball on her 16th birthday.

But thanks to dance lessons here in Frydlant, that's what Claire got to do on her birthday this year!

Every fall, dance lessons are offered here in town for high school students from this area.

About 50 pairs of students go each Friday night to the cultural house, throughout the fall, to learn the tango, the cha cha, the waltz...and many other dances along the way. It's also instruction in etiquette - how a man treats a woman, and how a young woman responds to a man, particularly in social situations.

Claire is going with Noah Ellenwood, a friend of the family and fellow JV Kid for the past 13 years. It's a safe match for both of them as they're more like siblings or cousins than anything else!

Twice during the fall, they have the opportunity to participate in a ball and show their skills to parents, siblings and friends. One of those balls this year fell on Friday, October 8th - Claire's 16th birthday!

We all had fun getting dressed up and heading to the ball to watch not only Claire and Noah, but many other friends of theirs (Hayley Ellenwood, Noah's sister, being one of them!). For the first couple of hours they danced with their partners, showing what they've learned so far. And after that...we all got to dance!

It's such a great evening - kids and parents, friends and siblings, as well as teachers from school - all gathered to share in this fun, community event!


  1. It was so fun! It turned out perfect that it fell on my birthday. Fun memory. :) Good job explaining what tanecni is!