Monday, April 11, 2016

You've Got it In your Blood: KPM 2016

I'm struggling this morning with how to write, how to explain, how to communicate what extraordinary things took place at KPM this week-end, JV's largest youth leader training event, led by our team in Slovakia.

Simply: It. Was. Amazing.

Do you know the saying "You've got it in your blood"? That was the theme of the conference.

Our Slovak team wanted 670 youth leaders from around the country to learn about, understand personally and experience deeply what they've got inside of them as children of their heavenly Father.

"You belong to your Father and have his characteristics in you. Believe it, live it, take it and pass it on."

Every detail of the four day conference was to point people in the direction of their Father.

And when I say every detail, I mean EVERY DETAIL!! From worship...

To games...

To evening programs...

Guys and girls were separated for this evening program, which ran like a small group despite the fact that there were nearly 400 girls in the auditorium!

To Dave's teaching on the Father heart of God.

Seminars pointed to the Father's care...

Every skit pointed to Him...

Bands who played pointed to Him...

These beautiful ones pointed to Him from the front...

And these dear servants pointed to him from the back.

Conversation after conversation led us into the Father's presence.

As did each time we were all together.

While I was a part of serving at the conference, my life was deeply impacted along with these 670 youth leaders. Like many of them, my life is changed after this week-end.

I know the Father in a deeper, more intimate way after focusing on Him and walking with Him SO purposefully these past days.

Leading a seminar on prayer with my two Slovak friends

As I lifted my hands in worship each day, my heart just soared in wonder that! a child of my heavenly Father.

He knows me, loves me, chose me, thinks of me, cares about me, leads me, blesses me, wants to be close to me.

I am praying today for each person who spent this week-end at KPM, that they will forever remember that they too belong to their heavenly Father...that they have him "in their blood", and that he wants them to pass that on to others.

Máš to v krvi: You've got it in your blood

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  1. This is so so amazing. Thanks for giving me a window into the conference! How I would have loved to be there! What strikes me most is just how much everyone is using the gifting the Lord has given them. So many creative people coming together to serve the Lord at the conference, giving the best of what they have! Incredible.