Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Budding Photographer

The other day when our grandsons were over, Judah was looking through photos on my phone with me when he asked if he could take a photo of me (since he was looking at a whole bunch of photos that I'd taken of him!).

Here's the first picture of he and I together!

I don't think he actually meant to take that one to show that we were both in the picture. 🤣 But still, it's kind of cool isn't it?!

When I told him to lift the camera a little higher, this is what he got.

I was literally laughing so much, watching his little hands try to lift the phone up to take a picture - he was concentrating so hard at it! Of course I was giving him encouragement along the way too.

And then...he got this. Pretty good composition!

And better yet, this one, right as Asher wandered over to me!

Oh these are the moments I treasure! Just everyday life, shared with these two precious little guys!

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  1. You're right that Judah did SO GOOD! I think that first one really is my favorite since it's artsy and he didn't even plan it to be. I honestly think that one is going to be a treasure...the first picture he ever took of you two and it's of your feet. "Oh the places you will go!" Sounds like a book title, don't you think! :o) I'd frame that one that Judah cute!