Saturday, November 24, 2018

Well Dog

Our sweet doggie finally seems to be feeling better!

There have been times this fall when I wondered if we were losing her as she just hasn't been her peppy self.

Numerous visits to the vet over the past months have shown that she has a deteriorating mitral valve, which means her heart is enlarging. He put her on medicine that she'll take for the rest of her life, in hopes that it will slow down the decay, and allow her heart to not have to work as hard.

But again in the past few weeks she wasn't feeling well again, and in fact, stopped eating.

The vet had put her on a different type of dog food that initially she happily gobbled down. But somewhere along the way, it was as if she lost her appetite.

She also lost 3 pounds, which when you only weigh 19 is a big deal!

But thankfully she started eating again yesterday (after I tempted her with some sweet potato, which she has a weakness for ­čśé).

Today she's been her usual peppy, tail-wagging, cuddly self, who is, at this very moment, curled up next to me as I type.

I'm not ready for that sweetness to be over so am thankful that she seems to have turned the corner and is well again!

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  1. I've been wondering how she was doing. So glad to hear she is her peppy self again. Sassy sends her a big doggy hug!