Hvar, Croatia - Where we spend our vacations, camping in a remote spot, with our family and friends. We discovered Croatia back in 1996 when our kids were really small, and have been vacationing there pretty much ever since!

Eugene, Oregon - Even though I haven't lived there for over 40 years, it's still one of my favorite places in the world and I am truly an Oregon Duck at heart! Thankfully my parents live there so I get to visit from time to time.

The Oregon Coast - As a child, we spent many vacations here...in Newport, Lincoln City, Florence. There is just something about the rolling of the waves, the sounds of the seagulls on the beach, the smell of the salt air and the atmosphere of the towns on the coast that fills me up.

If I'm ever in Oregon, I try to make a trek to the coast to get filled up...and have lunch at Mo's, one of the famous restaurants on the Oregon coast. There is nothing like a warm bowl of clam chowder on a cold, misty day to warm you up!

Prague, Czech Republic - From the very first time I visited this city in early 1993, it's been a favorite. There is just something really remarkable, magical, special about this city. It's my favorite place to go when I want to get away and just wander streets, shops and coffee spots. And I love that it's the capital of the country we're living in! The season never matters...it's beautiful any time of the year!


Reading books - Some of my favorite authors are Charles Martin, Beth Moore, Robert Whitlow, Francine Rivers, Angela Hunt, Jan Karon, Elizabeth Musser, Robin Jones Gunn.

Writing - Blogs, e-mails, letters, Facebook updates, thoughts on my Bible reading, lists, stories, journaling, articles...anything where I can put words on paper (or the computer screen!), that's what I love. My idea of a good day is to spend at least an hour writing something, even if it's just editing for Dave or writing a note to one of our kids at college!

Playing the piano - I started taking lessons when I was 7 years old after my grandparents surprised us by having a piano delivered to our home. It's been a blessing all these years to have that skill, not just for myself, but to bless others. It's also opened up so many doors for me...I probably wouldn't be married to Dave if it weren't for the fact that I played the piano! When I auditioned for Malachi, there were two girls in the running for the soprano spot...one played the piano and one didn't...and they needed a piano player so I got it!

Research - Some years ago, when our kids were having health problems, I started researching and found that I loved the process of finding out information that was helpful. Since then I've found that I get a lot of joy in tracking down info about all sorts of things: medical problems, vacation spots, answers to questions my kids have, best buys on items, gift ideas, movie reviews, recipes, places to visit, shops to find gluten free items in...you name it! If I could just figure out how to get someone to pay me for all my research hours, I'd really be set!

Photos - Notice I didn't say photography! I'm not the greatest photographer, though I do try. But the thing that I really love is photos. When we come home from vacation and have 500 photos to look through, I'm always sad we didn't take more! I love to capture an event in photos so that I can go back and remember the joy of it years later...and I do go back and look at photos. They mean a lot to me, thus I've taken great care to put photos in albums, organize them on my computer, and use them in updates, e-mails, my blog and on Facebook.

Health, Fitness and Running - When Dave and I celebrated our 20th anniversary, I looked back on the photos and said, "That's enough. If I don't do something for my body, I'm going to turn into a frumpy middle-aged woman...and I don't want that!"

So I started researching (see...that's where it comes in handy!) how to best care for myself and started down that road. I haven't looked back since then. I started weight training with several different types of programs on CD's (my favorite being Jillian Michael's series), I enlisted the help of a personal online trainer (Fast Track to Fat Loss - I highly recommend their program), trained for and ran a half marathon in Slovakia, as well as changed our family diet (see Living Gluten Free on my blog).

It has been a life changing process for me to get in touch with the gift God has given me in my body, which is a good one that I want to take great care of so I can be more effective for His work!

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  1. I love that you've passed on a lot of these interests on to me! :) Thanks!