Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Experiencing Attack

On top of the latest news that Exit 316 is under threat of cancellation (see my latest e-mail for that story), our family is also experiencing attack in a well-known area for us...health issues.

While Caleb and Claire just returned to school today for the first time in two weeks after serious strep infections, Tyler came home from school after the first hour today, sick with the symptoms that the other two had when they got sick. And I have them as well. We are in need of the Lord's healing, and for patience as we wait for that.

We are in the midst of some tough situations here as well - places for which we are deeply pressing into the Lord for His wisdom and His guidance.

Through the years as I've encountered time after time of days like today, I do one thing. I say outloud to the Lord, "I trust in YOU alone!" What else can I do?! What else would I want to do in times like these? It's not hard to say those words, but it's sometimes hard to get up off my knees and live it out. Pray that I will follow through on what I say and live in faith.

Blessed be the name of the Lord...whether we are in times of plenty or in need...blessed be His name.

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