Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blessed at Gull Lake

The kids and I flew in to Chicago on Friday night, right in between the thunderstorms they were having there. Circled Detroit for a while before landing...and then just as we got out of the airport, more thunder, lightening and HUGE rain! We were blessed to arrive safely!

It was a huge blessing to be met by Dave at the airport. His days in Chicago last week were good ones as he rested and got over jet lag. It took him all those days to do so, but he was feeling like himself by the time we arrived. Another blessing!

Saturday we headed up to Hickory Corners, Michigan to Gull Lake Ministries where we're spending the week. AHHHHH!! This is one of the best places on earth! If you haven't been here...you should try to come sometime!

We were introduced to Gull Lake two years ago when they asked Dave to come and speak. At the end of that week, they asked Dave to come back in two years to speak again and

we have literally been counting the months and
days ever since!

God's hand of blessing is truly on this place - everyone from the director to his staff and summer interns, live out their faith by serving those who come for a week of family camp. It's really an extraordinary ministry and we are deeply privileged to get to spend another week here.

Thank you to all who are praying for Dave. I am astonished by the strength, energy and vitality he is experiencing here this week. His teaching is some of the best I've heard (yes...a wife's unbiased opinion!) and he has been feeling great. He does still need a nap every day (seriously...who doesn't need a nap every day?? We all wish we had a good excuse like his to take one!) but other than that, you would never know he had heart surgery just five weeks ago today!!

Dave is teaching on "The God You Never Knew", speaking on the Fatherhood of God, the counsel of the Holy Spirit, and the presence of Christ in our lives. It's powerful! CD's are available from Gull Lake if you were, by any chance, interested in hearing his teaching.

We're blessed to have old friends here -Brewsters from New Brunswick, Fangrad's from Ontario, Parkers from our home church in Illinois...and many other dear friends that we met last time we were here at Gull Lake (yes, that's you Lori S.!!). We are just basking in the Lord's blessing and goodness here. That may sound hokey...but I can't help it! It's true!!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

On the Move

This morning I took Dave to the Krakow airport and he's now on a plane headed for Chicago.

As we drove there we talked about how just four weeks ago I was driving him to the hospital to check in - that seems like a long time ago now! How thankful we are though, that in just four week's time, Dave is well enough to fly to the States!

He'll have five days to get over jet lag and continue his recuperation before heading up to Gull Lake in Michigan for the family camp that he'll be teaching at. I think he'll need all those days as he still isn't up to full strength and energy...but at least he's well enough to go! Praise the Lord for all He's done for Dave's healing process.

On our way to the airport this morning we dropped off Claire at the train station where she was meeting up with her schoolmates for a class trip. She'll be in a town a couple hours away until Wednesday. So for now, it's just Caleb and I at home getting things finished up here before the three of us leave for the States on Friday to join Dave.

This has been a precious month at our house as we've walked through this monumental event in Dave's life. There have been so many sweet hours of conversation, so many blessings from the Lord, such closeness between us all. Just want to say again that the Lord is good in all situations.

Next blog post from the States...and hopefully with pictures! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dave's Heart Check-up

Today Dave was back at the hospital, getting his blood levels checked. He has to do this every few days as they adjust the blood thinning medication for him (something he'll just be on for three months or so as he's recovering).

He also had a check up with Brona, our friend who is Dave's cardiologist. After listening to Dave's heart he said, "No one would ever know you had heart surgery just three weeks ago! Your heart sounds perfect!"

That's the kind of news you LOVE to hear!! "Oh thank you Lord for answering so many prayers for Dave and for healing his heart!"

Brona also said it would be another 8-10 weeks before Dave has his full energy back...a limitation that Dave is adjusting to these days. He reminded Dave that this was major surgery and that the body has been through trauma, thus you can't expect it to just bounce back to normal levels too soon.

So Dave has to content himself with just a few hours a day of feeling strong and able, and then a better portion of the day just sitting, reading, resting. That's not such a bad thing, I keep reminding him!

Brona did clear him to go to the States next week. Dave has had a speaking engagement on his calendar for two years that we were hoping he wouldn't have to cancel...and thankfully he doesn't! We'll all be at Gull Lake Ministries in Michigan for a family camp June 19th - 25th where Dave will teach once a day, as well as share about JV.

The environment there is so peaceful and beautiful, so we hope even that will provide some rest and recuperation for Dave, even as he'll be teaching (which is absolutely one of his favorite things in the world to do!).

After that Caleb and Claire will head to Oregon to visit my parents and Dave and I will take some days to go away together before heading to Denver a week later. There we'll meet up with the kids and be in Ft. Collins, as well as with Dave's family in Denver. We'll be back home in Czech on July 10th.

What a season of life this has been! So unexpected, and yet in the Lord's good plan. It could've turned out so much different. We are not taking it lightly or for granted that the Lord has given Dave some more precious years of life by bringing to light the need for this surgery, and providing so adequately for it to be taken care of.

We're content to move at a little slower pace of life this summer as Dave continues to heal, grateful for each day He gives us!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Patty Life Update

The best update of all...Dave continues to recover well from surgery! SOOO praising the Lord for that.

He still tires easily, but the doctor says that's normal. He's got about three hours a day where he has some energy, and then it's back to the chair for books, his Bible, coffee, and Google Earth...his favorite new hobby!

The doctor says that it's really about twelve weeks before he will feel like he has his energy back so no concern on him being tired for a while. His body is healing well, medication levels are in check now, his doctor is pleased with his recovery and I'm thankful to have him home every day!

You'll notice that there's no accompanying picture to this blog post...sad to say my desktop computer shut down a few days ago and all my recent photos are on that computer. So until we can get it into the technician to find out what's going on (and hopefully repair it!), there won't be any blog photos...bummer because I've had some good ones lately!

My friend Michelle was here these past two weeks and we had such a good time just doing normal life things as we stayed close to home while Dave recovered.

We did get to go to Krakow for a night and were upgraded at our hotel to a suite...is it too cheesy to say that was very SWEET of them to do that??!! After booking it I'd written to say it was her 50th birthday and asked if we could check in early...maybe they took note of that and decided to bless us with the upgrade?! Whatever the reason, it sure made for a memorable time there!

Tyler was here for a few weeks (sure loved having him home!), but is now gone to Croatia for his summer of ministry with JV. You'll notice on the side of my blog a link to his blog...definitely worth keeping a watch on over the summer! There are a few fun posts there already about these past few weeks.

Claire and Caleb are in their last few weeks of school, working hard to finish up finals which are demanding. SO proud of them for pressing through with endurance and perseverance, even when the weather has finally changed and they'd rather be outside enjoying the sunshine!

Thank you for continuing to pray for us in this season. The Lord has been faithful, as always, to carry us through this time!