Tuesday, October 10, 2006

After Claire's Birthday

What a great time we had celebrating our Claire! She had a wonderful birthday celebration right through the week-end. That's the way to celebrate a birthday...several days in a row!

But this morning when I went in to wake her for school I found her burning up with fever...103.5. Dave and I took her into the doctor and found out that she has strep again. She only finished the antibiotic for the last round of it 10 days ago so this is not good news.

Thankfully our doctor took blood and did a throat culture (that's not as common as you would expect it to be here), and of course put her on a new round of antibiotic. We'll have the results by the end of this week to know how bad the infection is.

She feels miserable today - I won't go into the details but it's not a pretty sight around here (though I do want to say that Claire herself is always a pretty sight!). Please pray for her - for strength to endure this. Please pray for us that we would have wisdom to know what to do next for her in hopes of stopping this cycle. We have been down this road before and really wish we didn't have to go down it again.

But as I've said before...I trust the Lord. There is no other option but to continue placing her in His caring hands. He knows what He's doing, even if we don't understand.

By the way...I also was diagnosed with strep yesterday so am fighting the same infection. Kind of crazy timing, but we'll trust the Lord with that too.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Celebrating 12!

It's Birthday time at the Patty's house!!!!

We are in the middle of a week-end of celebrating Claire, the very precious princess that God brought into our family 12 years ago on October 8!! What a gift she has been, and continues to be!

Last night we had some of her friends over for a pumpkin party...they carved pumpkins, ate pumpkin pie, told funny stories, dressed up in crazy clothes (and hats!) for dinner, and had a really happy time together!

The celebration continues tomorrow on her real birthday...can't wait to kiss my 12 year old in the morning and wish her a happy birthday!!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Caleb's News

Yesterday was one of those monumental days in a family...

Caleb got braces!

On the way home I told Caleb I didn't feel old enough to have two kids with braces (Tyler has them too). When I had them years ago I thought my parents were old. They were actually younger than I am right now! Kind of funny.

As he went to school this morning his mouth was sore, and he was not excited to face the kids in his class for the first time with his new smile. Personally I think it's pretty cute...or rather, I'm sure he would prefer me to use the word "good looking"!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Experiencing Attack

On top of the latest news that Exit 316 is under threat of cancellation (see my latest e-mail for that story), our family is also experiencing attack in a well-known area for us...health issues.

While Caleb and Claire just returned to school today for the first time in two weeks after serious strep infections, Tyler came home from school after the first hour today, sick with the symptoms that the other two had when they got sick. And I have them as well. We are in need of the Lord's healing, and for patience as we wait for that.

We are in the midst of some tough situations here as well - places for which we are deeply pressing into the Lord for His wisdom and His guidance.

Through the years as I've encountered time after time of days like today, I do one thing. I say outloud to the Lord, "I trust in YOU alone!" What else can I do?! What else would I want to do in times like these? It's not hard to say those words, but it's sometimes hard to get up off my knees and live it out. Pray that I will follow through on what I say and live in faith.

Blessed be the name of the Lord...whether we are in times of plenty or in need...blessed be His name.