Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a Week!

Wow, how to recap this past week?

It was certainly not the week I thought we'd have when Monday rolled around. Caleb came home from school not feeling well that day, took a nap, and woke up with a monster fever and cough that eventually led us to the doctor the next morning...and then on to the hospital for the week.

Diagnosis...bronchial pneumonia. I didn't know it could zap the life of you so quick, but watched it do that to Caleb.

In the process of this, we also found out that he has a weakness in his lungs, and propensity towards this type of thing, due to a depressed chest cavity, which they say means less space for the lungs - something we've wondered about, but never had a diagnosis for. They plan to send him for rehabilitation after he gets over the pneumonia in hopes of making that area stronger. Can't imagine what they do in rehab for that, so it will be interesting.

Due to a crowded children's ward (he was moved there after two nights in intensive care), and the fact that he was doing better after three days of heavy antibiotic, they discharged him yesterday. It was such a blessing to bring him unexpected blessing. The doctor said normally he would've kept him until Tuesday, which is what I was expecting. But I'm SO glad he got to come home!

Given that Dave is still gone, and that we have the Stephen's family moving to Czech on Monday and staying with us for a few weeks before they move into a house, it's nice to have him home to make life simpler. I can watch over him, but get some things done around here!

Dave gets home Sunday night - he's been gone 2 1/2 weeks so we're all anxious for his return, especially in light of what happened this week.

Brian and Aleisha Stephens, along with their 1 year old daughter, Cece, arrive Monday night to begin serving with JV. We are SO excited about their arrival! Brian will serve in the JV office alongside Dave and Mel. I'm sure I'll write about them more later!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thoughts and Moments of my Day

Outside my's totally dark at nearly midnight! I was going to go to bed earlier but got sucked in to watching the snowboard cross qualifications on the Olympics! I am a total sucker for the Olympics...anyone else with me on that??!!

I am thinking...about Caleb at snowboard camp in Poland, Dave in Chicago, Tyler at Moody and Claire in bed!

I am thankful...for the big pile of wood outside my kitchen door that lets me have a fire every day while it's snowy and cold! One of my greatest joys in winter!

From the kitchen...White bean and ham soup tonight, with a gluten free bread mix from Finland that I found at a little tiny health food store in town.
..soup and bread were delicious!!

I am wearing...a new black top and pants that Dave bought me in Krakow while we were at our JV marriage conference in January! He is so nice to splurge on me!

I am ebook called "The Diet Solution" - my never-ending quest for understanding and applying good nutrition!

I am see sunshine sometime this week!

I am have my friend Ingrid over again tomorrow morning to read the Word and pray.

I am creating...memories this week with Claire while all our men are gone.

I am hearing...the silence of of my favorite t
imes of the day!

I am praying...for the ladies retreat that I'll be speaking at in April for our home church in Chicago.

Around the house...are mounds and mounds of snow...outside that is!

One of my favorite things...still...I said this last time! My dai
ly homemade latte, with Torani pumpkin spice syrup. My mom just sent me a new bottle. Why don't I ever get tired of it??

A few plans for the rest of the with Ingrid, take Claire to the orthodontist to get out the last of four teeth she had to have pulled (after having braces for two years already, the orthodontist said they had to go in order to finish straightening her teeth), make gluten free pizza for dinner one night this week! A treat!

A picture I am sharing...of a few of my friends here in Frydlant: Ingrid, Danca and Lauren (as well as Lauren's little girl, Juliette!). We were up at a restaurant on a ski hill, having some girl time while Caleb and Ingrid's son snowboarded!

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