Saturday, October 20, 2018

First Snow

This afternoon as I dashed out to run a few errands, I happened to grab my coat at the last minute thinking it might be good in case the grey skies outside meant rain.

Little did I know those clouds meant more than that.

See those grasses bent over? That was because of an incredibly strong wind that suddenly blew in a storm...that turned out to be snow!

I sat inside a Starbucks literally watching a blizzard for twenty minutes! First it rained, then hailed, and then turned to snow...all the while with unbelievable gusts of wind.

They don't call this the Windy City for nothing!

Now I can say I've seen my first snow of the season. Wonder how much more I'll see this year??!!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Uber Karl Saves the Day

When Dave and I are traveling, it's sometimes tricky keeping our lives in order.

As the resident "travel agent" I book flights, cars and hotels; I watch over our schedule to make sure we don't double book; and I try to make sure we get to appointments on time.

So far, so good on this trip...until this morning.

Dave caught a ride to the office where he's having two days of meetings with our JV sending partners from USA, Canada and UK, leaving me the car so I could go to different meetings today.

That all sounded like a good plan. Until I realized Dave had the rental car keys in his pocket at the office!

To the rescue came, as my friend put it, "Uber Karl"!

Don't let his somber expression fool you! Karl is usually all smiles and laughs!

His daughter, Sarah, works at our JV office in Wheaton. I sent a message to Dave at the office asking if he did, indeed, have the keys which he affirmed. He took them out to Sarah at her desk, who wrote to tell me she had them for me.

But I had no way to get there to pick them up!

She suggested getting an Uber, but that would have meant taking it to and from the office. She thought for just a second and then said, "Let me see if my dad is available to run the keys to you..."

And he was! He dropped what he was doing, drove to the office to get the keys, and then drove on to bring them to me.

I tell ya...Uber Karl is way better than any other Uber driver! He saved the day for me, and made it possible for me to go where I needed to go today!

"Thank you Karl!! You made my day!!"

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Coffee with Eden

This morning Dave and I got to have coffee here in Wheaton with this precious young woman!

We have known her mom and dad since before she was born as they were part of the church we went to in the early 1990's, when Dave was getting his Master's Degree at Wheaton College.

I've seen her through the years, including during a week at Gull Lake many years ago!

I love that she and Claire became friends back then, and that we're still connected to her and her parents today!

She's a graduate of Wheaton College and into her first job post college. She's also a passionate follower of Jesus, and pure delight to spend time with! Can't think of a better way to spend a morning than to hang out with Eden!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Siri for Suggestions

We finished at Moody Bible Institute late this afternoon, just as rush hour traffic was hitting its peak.

Google maps said what would normally take 35 minutes was going to take an hour and a half. 😳 So we opted to leave our car at Moody and walk downtown for dinner.

One of my favorite things when we're traveling and looking for someplace to eat is to hold down the button on my iPhone, which activates Siri who asks, "What can I help you with?" I simply say, "Food near me" and up comes a whole list of possibilities.

Sometimes there isn't anything very interesting nearby. But other times, like tonight, we hit the jackpot!

This is kind of a "hole in the wall" diner downtown Chicago called "Velvet Taco". And oh my, do they do tacos well!

We asked what their most requested taco is and they said the slow roasted angus brisket, so we went for that, and a couple other ones too!

They're prices are good (seriously don't know how they can make a taco as good and creative as this for that cheap), and the tacos are really something special. We'll definitely be back.

Glad I asked Siri for a suggestion!

Downtown at Moody

We woke up to the sights and sounds of the city this morning, here in Chicago. 

Since Dave is speaking in chapel today, Moody Bible Institute let us stay in Jenkins dorm last night (where Claire lived when she was a student here!) so that we could be on campus right away.

This is the first time we've been back on campus to meet with students since she graduated. And it's the first time since 2009 that we've been here without any of our kids going to school here. It felt a little strange coming onto campus knowing we wouldn't see any of them today.

But Gavin saved the day!

He is family in more ways than one: he is our Haley's brother (Haley is married to our Caleb!), a JV Kid, and son of our long time friends, Mark and Amy Chase, who serve with JV in Slovakia! It was SO good to see him here in his first semester of his freshman year.

The student body has just returned from fall break and this is their first chapel back.

Dave powerfully spoke from John 15, on going from little fruit to much fruit.

While I recognize I'm probably biased, I would say this is the best message he's ever given at a college campus! They don't have it posted yet, but when they do, I'll put the link here. You'll want to listen to it.

It was a joy to not only meet with students today to talk about JV's summer internship program, but see some of our JV staff who have served as interns and are now in the process of raising support, like Alison, a graduate of Moody!

I also got to see dear Mrs Smith, the advisor to the Children's Ministry major who had such an impact on Claire as she studied under her.

I also had time with Kaci, who served two years ago on a short term team, and then as a summer intern this past year. A dear friend of ours who is from our home church out in the Wheaton area, she's studying at Moody as a youth ministry major. I'm so thankful for the way she poured into young people in Slovenia last summer!

We had a fantastic time on campus today with many Moody students, and pray that God will raise up a group of them to come serve with us next summer!