Monday, February 24, 2020

Off to Krakow

Last night a special visitor arrived at our house!

This is Allison, Haley's older sister, who lives in Ireland with her husband! She flew in to spend the week at our house with Caleb, Haley and Charlie as they continue to wait for baby girl to be born.

Somebody was still tired after his nap!

This week, Dave and I, along with Haley and Ally's parents (who serve with us in JV, in Slovakia), will be in Krakow for our JV marriage conference. Claire will be there too, helping to take care of the seven JVK* infants coming with their parents. And Tyler and Lara are coming as attendees! So someone from the family needed to be close by in case baby girl comes, and the perfect person was Ally!

Caleb, Haley, Charlie and Ally were at the hospital today for Haley's weekly check-up, to make sure all is well with baby girl. She's now two days over her due date, so she could come any time. All is well so we praise Lord for that. She's just not quite ready to make her entrance!

This afternoon Caleb took me to meet up with Dave so we could travel on to Krakow.

As we said goodbye, the big question in all of our minds was, "Will your baby girl be here the next time we see you?"

Tonight we are safely tucked into our hotel here in Krakow, awaiting all of the JV couples (there are 105 of them coming...that's over 200 people!) who will arrive tomorrow.

This is always such a special week when we have marriage retreat. Pray for us all, that God will draw us closer to our spouses, and deepen our love for each other!

*Josiah Venture Kids

Sunday, February 23, 2020

While We Wait

When I was pregnant with Caleb 27 years ago, we experienced quite a prolonged time of waiting for his birth to occur.

I'd been on complete bed rest for six weeks due to acute pre-labor symptoms. My doctor took me off the medication holding off contractions on December 26th, which was a month before his due date. My mom arrived the next day from the States (at that time we were living in Germany as missionaries) and we fully expected him to arrive in a matter of hours, or perhaps a few short days.

However, God had a different idea about what his birth date would be!

He didn't arrive until January 20th! Which means, we had a lot of days to fill between my mom's arrival and when Caleb arrived.

Having him, Haley and Charlie here right now, waiting for the birth of their baby girl, reminds me of that time.

Of course, the circumstances are quite different because baby girl's due date was actually yesterday. So now we're in that waiting period now where birth is actually quite imminent!

But in the meantime, we're filling days with lots of playtime, conversations, and activities such as walks, when weather permits.

After church this morning, I went on a walk with them, hoping that would bring on some contractions to get baby girl's birth going!

What's funny is that I did the same thing while waiting for Caleb's birth, and even did a 10 kilometer "volksmarch" (an organized walk in Germany) just a few days before he ended up being born. Maybe that's why he likes the outdoors so well! 🤣

It might look like the weather is of a "Siberian nature" (as in, being cold enough to have such a hood on!), but really, it was just windy!

We're having quite a mild winter, with very little snow. Which for right now, works out for us so we can take a walk like this!

It won't be more than ten days from now before baby girl is born (that's as long as they'd normally wait here in Czech before inducing), but we're sure hoping it's sooner than that!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Due Date

Have you ever seen such a radiant mom-to-be?! 

I took that photo of Haley last night, wondering if it would be the last picture of her pregnant with baby girl, as her due date was today.

But, as we've come to the end of this day, it looks like baby girl is still content to stay inside her mommy for a little while longer!

As we all reflected tonight, the evening of her due date, we praised the Lord that both mommy and baby are well, that Haley carried her to full term, and that babies don't stay inside indefinitely.

Hopefully it won't be too long now before we meet this precious little lady!

Friday, February 21, 2020

The Grandsons

It's not often that I get to have all three of our grandsons together with me in a photo. So when it happens that we're all together, I make sure we get a picture!

With Caleb, Haley and Charlie here in Czech waiting for the birth of their baby girl (due tomorrow, February 22), we're making the most of opportunities to hang out, which in this case today meant at one of our local malls!

It's so special to watch these three little boys play and spend time with each other, building their cousin friendships.

But it's crazy to think that it won't be long before a girl is in these photos too!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

At Home with Charlie

Dave and I arrived back from the States this past Saturday, to Caleb, Haley and Charlie who are still waiting at our house for the birth of their baby girl!

Her due date is this Saturday, February 22 so we'll see if she decides to make her entrance then, or not!

In the meantime, we're enjoying all the snuggles and sweet time together with them living here, away from their home in Albania where they live and serve with JV.

Charlie, 2 1/2, is a bundle of fun, joy, energy, and talking with lots and lots of long sentences!

This is a such a special time of getting to be with him day after day, listening to all that he has to say about his world and people he loves.

He's got quite an interest in drawing too, and spends lots of time with his Leap Frog pad (an amazing gift from his Grandpa and Mimi!) where he can draw endless pictures. Can you tell what this one was??

He said, "That's you, Nonnie!" Can you see my long hair?! 

I'm quite behind on my blogging**...where oh where do the days go?! Hopefully sometime I'll catch up on our last week in the States, and since we arrived back home.

But until then, I'm moving forward with what's happening these days!

**I caught up!**