Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tour the Prayer Room

We are forty seven days into our year of prayer for Josiah Venture.

That is already over 1128 hours of dedicated prayer for God's work among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe! 

God is moving, truly, in unprecedented ways as you and I pray. If you haven't visited our "Answered Prayer " wall, please do so HERE! I think you'll be encouraged by reading some of the answers to those prayers.

As you can see though, we continue to have many open hours for people to sign up to pray.

In fact, there is a spot open at 11 PM tonight, Mountain time in the US. That's just two hours from right now.

Can anyone fill it???

**YES!!! Within ten minutes of posting this, someone covered that hour for us! But there are still more so read on for how to sign up and pray with us for another hour. There are two more hours that need covering TOMORROW.**

So far the Lord has prompted someone to sign up to pray for every single hour since January 1st of this year. I don't want to see that stop!

Maybe you've been thinking about signing up but are still a little unsure of what this is all about. Our JV communication's team made a video just for you!

I hope the explanation of the Prayer Room here will give you encouragement that it's not hard to do, and motivation to come on in and pray with us.

Watch it, and then sign up to join us for an hour of prayer!

The Prayer Room - Video Tour from Josiah Venture on Vimeo.

By the way, we don't limit the prayer room to one person per hour! We'll take as many people as possible each hour.

So if you have a particular hour free, and there's already someone signed up for that hour, go ahead and sign up for it too. That hour will be all the more powerful for the two (or three, or four, or twenty!) of you who are standing in faith for the young people of Central and Eastern Europe.

Thank you for your faith-filled prayers!

Got A Glimpse

I had a half hour between meetings and activities this afternoon, so made a quick beeline for downtown Jackson.

On this bright, beautiful, sunny February afternoon, where the temps were just above freezing, it was so nice to walk around the town soaking in the sunshine and beauty of this favorite little town of mine.

After a quick walk, I drove over to our friend's classical academy where Dave led the faculty in a professional development discussion. And then we headed to our friend's house for the evening.

During these days in Jackson I've been hoping that I'd get a glimpse of something in particular. But with all the snow they've had this year, I assumed what I was hoping to see wouldn't be down around town.

But then, I got my glimpse.

Do you know what it was I wanted a glimpse of??

HA! Of all the places for him to be!

Don't worry, I didn't get out of my car. My pictures were taken while I was safely inside, with the window rolled down. I do know you're not supposed to physically get near a moose. But it just delighted me that I got a glimpse from my car.

And in such a funny spot!

So now all is well. I've gotten my glimpse of a moose in Jackson!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Sweet Valentine's

While Dave and his brothers celebrated Valentine's Day together on the slopes of Jackson, I celebrated throughout the day with these precious ones.

God wove our lives together many years ago and they are family! Wouldn't have wanted to spend Valentine's with anyone else.

"You all are so precious to me!" 

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Grand Beauty

Flying over the mountains, on our way from Phoenix to Wyoming, I could hardly wait for the first glimpse of her again.

And there she was, out the window of the plane.

The Grand Teton!

She delights and fascinates me every time I see her. I've heard she's quite a climb...and surely not one I'll ever make in my lifetime. But nonetheless, I press my face up to the airplane window to get the first glimpse of her whenever we go to Jackson.

Our plane had been nearly three hours late in arrival, but it truly didn't matter. I got to see her in all her glory at sunset.

THANK YOU LORD for creating something that so reflects your majesty.

Her beauty was there to greet me at sunrise this morning.

And then was on full display as we drove towards the mountains later on. It's been an epic winter in Jackson, so she's covered in lots of white right now.

Just a little ways down from where she sits in the mountain range, I dropped off these three for a day of skiing.

Sorry for the bright sunshine, Josh! :) 

This is the first time in twenty five years that Dave and his brothers have skied together! They had an awesome day on the slopes with each other.

It's so fun to share with them this area that we enjoy so much!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Executive Retreats

For the past three days, Dave and five others from JV's leadership team have been two hours north of Phoenix on an executive retreat.

While they've been there, Amy and I have been holed up in Scottsdale on an executive retreat of our own.

Thanks to the kindness of some dear friends, we've been staying at their house to work on our upcoming JV ladies retreat, as well as spend concentrated time in prayer for our team.

What a privilege and joy to serve with these dear ones who are so committed to doing all they can to fan into flame a movement of God in Central and Eastern Europe.

Mel, Aleisha, Brian, Amy, Dave, me, Josh - missing Terry E and Kristi P