Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Half Hour

Claire and I have been in Colorado Springs for the past few days.

She has been meeting with various friends and acquaintances here, sharing her vision, passion and upcoming ministry with the JV Kids. It's been my privilege to be with her during these days as she meets with people to talk about how they can partner with her in this vision.

The Lord has graciously provided 87% of her monthly needs thus far!

While that's been our purpose for being here, today we had a half hour in between meetings so decided to take advantage of it. Claire suggested we take in at least one very cool sight in this area.

This one fit the bill very well! Garden of the Gods is an absolutely spectacular site just outside of Colorado Springs.

Not only that but you have a perfect view of Pike's Peak from there.

I would have loved more time to explore the paths and amazing rock formations. I was beside myself with glee as we took in all the natural beauty for our few minutes there.

But even a half hour was worth spending here. I definitely need to come back someday though!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Highlights in Fort Collins

Besides getting to meet our newest grandson, Charlie, being in Fort Collins had so many other highlights as well!

Like getting to be led in worship by Caleb.

On part-time staff at their church there, one of his responsibilities is leading worship for the college group. I'm so glad we were there for that!

Another highlight was seeing this precious one.

Hayley Ellenwood, who grew up in Czech too, has been Claire's best friend for nearly twenty years! Yes, they met as very little girls. And it's been nothing but love, joy, friendship and laughter ever since!

She moved to Fort Collins just a few days ago, and in the Lord's kindness, he allowed Claire to be here when she arrived. How cool is that?!

Couldn't resist this perfect photo of these two, taken in a spot that happened to be super windy! It so captures something so delightful about the two of them, something that's been true for years: JOY!

Another highlight was definitely watching my son be a dad!!

Caleb, you're already an amazing dad! I can't wait to watch you lead, love and plan adventures with your son!

And enjoying Caleb, Haley and Charlie's home here, complete with Mimi and Aunt Claire there too!

Caleb's had quite a garden at their house this summer, and it was perfect that he and Claire got to do a little harvesting, even with fall on its way.

On Saturday morning a beautiful highlight was the joy of getting breakfast with Hayley by myself; she's family to me and so loved our time together.

Another highlight? Staying at my dear friend's house for the week, and enjoying the antics of her cat, Bob! Claire had never met him and was definitely enchanted by him. He's such a character and so full of personality!

Linda and her husband hosted Dave and I, and then Claire and I, for the week in Fort Collins. We've been friends for many years and as always, it was positively delightful to be with her, spending mornings and evenings in fellowship together.

"Thank you again Linda for EVERYTHING! What a special time we had with you!'

We worshipped on Sunday morning at Caleb and Haley's church, Mountain View Community Church. It sure was a special highlight to be with this little guy during the service!

It was also a highlight to see a long-time friend, Kimra, from our days in Chicago, back when Dave was a student at Wheaton College.

She and her husband attended the church we went to back then, but moved out to Fort Collins to help start this church twenty one years ago. I've seen her now and then when we've been here, but she hadn't seen Claire since she was a baby! It was special to introduce them to each other. They are kindred spirits, as I expected they would be.

And finally, it was a highlight to pray over Charlie each time I held him, asking the Lord to bring him to faith in Christ at an early age.

May this little grandson of ours follow Jesus with all his heart, along with his two cousins, Judah and Asher. May this trio of boys, so close in age to each other, be good friends as well as cousins, and spur one other on to love and good works for the Lord's honor and glory.

I am deeply blessed by all the gifts and blessings of this past week in Fort Collins!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Special Week

Once again, I am days past these events, but they're too special not to remember! So I'm catching up a bit while I can.

The change from summer to fall happened right before our very eyes in Fort Collins while there visiting Caleb, Haley and Charlie. So fun to take a little trip downtown in sweaters and jackets, when just the day before had been shorts and t-shirt weather!

At three weeks old, Charlie is already getting out and about with ease.

That's mainly because his mama does it with ease! So proud of how she's taken to mothering with such joy and love.

In the afternoon, we stopped by the same park where Caleb and Haley took their wedding photos over three years ago.

At that time they had no idea they'd be living back in Fort Collins for a time...nor any idea they'd have Charlie! It blessed me so much to watch the three of them together while Claire took their photos...so loving towards each other and of course towards Charlie!

Speaking of him...there's just nothing like baby snuggles with him! He's a good snuggler. 😊

Claire and I got in our share of cuddles with this little guy while we could.

All too soon though it was time to say goodbye.

What a special week we got to share with them! I am so thankful for the blessing of spending time with Caleb and Haley, and getting to know Charlie in his first days of life.

"Caleb and Haley, what joy for me as a mom to watch the two of you enter into this beautiful world of parenting and do it so well! You're already doing such a great job at loving and caring for Charlie, and I have no doubt will happily continue on that path for the rest of his life. He is blessed to be under your care! Love you all and look forward to the next time we get to see each other!"

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mimi and Nonnie

My friend Amy and I met twenty eight years ago on the campus of Moody Bible Institute when Dave and I were there to share about the ministry we were involved in at the time.

Through a supernatural twist of God's grace and kindness, our lives have been intertwined for many years.

But whoever would have imagined that we would be grandmas to THE SAME BABY?!!!

Her daughter married my son, and now we are Mimi and Nonnie to our sweet Charlie!

Our daughters became friends when they were teenagers, and now are sister-in-laws!

It is one of the sweetest delights to be together in Fort Collins right now, enjoying our children and grandson.

Amy and her husband, Mark, have served with us in Josiah Venture for the past five years. They live in Slovakia, about three hours away from us. Yet for this time, she and I get to be here in the States loving on this little man!

Tell me God didn't chuckle to himself all those years ago when we met as young women. He knew all along that someday we'd not only share children, but grandchildren as well. What an absolutely wonderful delight!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Coming for a Visit

For this season of life, the Lord has blessed our Caleb and Haley with a wonderful place to live in Fort Collins, Colorado. Through friends in the area, they were able to rent a small house on the property of their friends' aunt who lives in the house next door.

Though the house is tiny, the property is beautiful and it's been a perfect place for them to live, and bring Charlie home to.

Early this morning I drove Dave to the airport in Denver to fly back home to Czech. After stopping by my sister-in-law's home for a few hours with her, I then drove back to the airport to pick up a certain someone to come to Caleb and Haley's home this afternoon.

Recognize who it is?

Aunt Claire flew in to meet Charlie!

Claire is on a roll of meeting her nephews these days!

Just a week ago she got to meet and spend time with Tyler and Lara's new son, Asher, who is three months old. And today she's meeting and holding Charlie. What a sweet gift from the Lord to work that out for her.

She and I will be here in Fort Collins for a few days, spending time with Charlie and his parents in his earliest days, enjoying every little detail about him!