Monday, September 21, 2009

Celebrating Dave

In the midst of JV fall conference, Dave had a birthday! His 48th, to be exact!

We wished him a happy birthday that morning at home, and all of JV sang happy birthday and gave him flowers and a gift on his day.

But it wasn't
until yesterday that we had our family celebration of him.

It wasn't a big celebration...we'll save that for the 50th! :)

But we did t
ake a few pictures (strange to not have Tyler in them...) and go out for our favorite fast food Asian meal at the mall!

We love you SO much Dave, and are deeply blessed by who you are and how you live your life!

May this coming year be filled with more knowledge, wisdom and love from the Lord. And may you know our love for you even deeper as well!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Passing the Baton

Every JV conference is special! There is nothing like being together with like-hearted friends and co-workers!

But this year's conference was especially meaningful and applicable for me as I love the concept and practice of discipleship.

Discipleship is a highly val
ued part of our ministry here in Central and Eastern Europe. Once someone comes to know Christ, it's our joy, privilege and responsibility to disciple, teach, mentor and coach them in their new faith.

While we live out and talk about discipleship often, it's such a critical component of ministry here that we spent this year's JV fall conference teaching, talking, discussing and putting into practice what it means to be an excellent, faithful and faith-filled discipler who passes on the baton of faith to the next generation.

The conference was full of helpful sessions, seminars and practical help on discipleship. All of those were taught "internally", meaning it was our team members from 11 countries (both Americans and nationals) who were sharing their knowledge and wisdom in this area...and that was powerful! These are people who are "on
the ground" doing it day after day. I loved hearing from them!

During one morning session, the speaker, Daniel from Poland, had Claire come and share about the discipleship Bible study she had last year. She was so poised and relaxed as she shared her experience in front of 160 people. We were proud of her!

We'll all be chewing on the things we learned, and hopefully putting them into practice in the months to come.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Life

A whole month of life has sped by without a blog post. That probably isn't a big deal to you, but it is to me! Blogging is how I keep track of our life!

In a nutshell...

Vacation - camping on Hvar in Croatia...ahhh, nothing better! Good coffee mornings with our dear friends...warm days at the beach...fabulous dinners we took turns making for each nights (doesn't everyone bring a VPU camping??)...cliff jumping...island hopping...gelato...boat trips...starry nights.

Tyler - sweet final days together at the campground...last songs on the guitar...a boat ride to Split...early morning coffee at 6:30
AM in the waves through the glass doors of to college at Moody. We miss him!!!

JV Kid's Camp - bless Mel and Amy and all the JV staff who ran camp this summer in Slovenia! Delightful week for our kids...memorizing Scripture...great talks with treats...happy days.

School starts - Claire is off to high school, Caleb already in second year of it...good friends Hannah and Hayley join them
at BMA (it's like having your cousins at school with you!)...Claire has fun week-end retreat getting to know her class...lots of homework...they love BMA in spite of homework!

Romania - the second day of school for the kids, I left on a 21 hour train ride to Romania where I spoke for 120 young women...beautiful faces...talking about "Intimacy with Jesus"...sweet prayer with my friend Laurie from the States...fell in love with Romanian girls and Rom
anian worship songs...left part of my heart there.

Whew! That is SO far from all that happened this past month! But it will have to do. Who would read it if I wrote everything? mom and mother-in-law would! But no one else! :)

We start JV fall conference on M
onday - Dave is teaching three main sessions, I have two sessions of a seminar on Discipling Women. Can't wait to see all 160 who will be here for it!

And so goes our lives!!