Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Winter Highlight

My day started off with the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag, and the recitation of a poem by this kindergarten class!

Dave and I came to visit our friend's school here in Jackson, JHCA, at their new school facility that they moved into this school year.

I came back at lunchtime to pick up and surprise this sweetie with a lunch date into town!

Sarah, our god-daughter

And after a full afternoon of meetings, I took a moment to enjoy the falling snow outside the window where we're staying.

Coming to Jackson in the winter to see and be part of our friends' world here is always a highlight of the year!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Family Day in Jackson

After wondering if we'd make it into Jackson, Wyoming from Denver because of weather, it was with very grateful hearts that we woke up here after arriving last night.

There is nothing like that view of the Tetons to make your heart soar with gladness over God's creation!

While we're here to visit our friends, Dave got to take advantage of his Christmas present from them, and have a day of skiing with their daughter, Ginger, who's been on skis since she was two and knows the mountains like the back of her hand!

God graciously gave them an incredibly beautiful day up on the mountain, where despite some icy conditions, they had an absolutely fantastic day of skiing together!

In the meantime, I had a super special day with Ginger's mom and my dear friend, Polly, praying together and spending time with each other as we love to do.

She had us over to their house for dinner tonight, so we could spend time with the rest of their kids.

Sarah, our god-daughter, is becoming quite a good cellist, with incredible tone in her playing. Dave knows because he played cello in high school (and still can play!).

Her brother, Thatcher, is a violinist and played excellently as well!

I missed getting photos of their older brother, and of our friend, Polly! But I did get one of their beloved Chego who is such a great dog!

It's always such a delight spending time with this dear family, who are family to us!

Monday, February 3, 2020

Delayed, Cancelled, Finally

After a 74 degree day here in Denver yesterday (the last time it was that temperature here was in 1934!), it was pretty crazy to wake up to freezing rain, and ice so thick on the windshield that it was nearly impossible to chip off.

Dave and I dropped off the rental car and headed into the airport for our early morning flight, only to find out that it had been cancelled due to the weather!

Thankfully United rebooked us onto another flight, but not until 7 PM this evening. Cue the sad music for having to spend a day in the airport! 😢

But we made the most of those 10 hours and eventually were cleared for take-off, though there was still ice and snow outside.

It was a very bumpy ride going out of Denver, but a little while later, we landed safely at our next destination on this trip.

Yes, there's snow here too. Any guesses where we might be?

Our dear friend picked us up at the airport and we headed into town for dinner, with a temperature outside of -12 Fahrenheit!

Does this give you a clue about where we are?

Yes, this is Jackson, Wyoming and the famous antler arches downtown! It is cold -- oh so cold -- but we always love being here with our friends!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Warmth in Winter

From now on when I think of what Psalm 149:4 says about how the Lord delights in us, his people, I'm going to remember this look on Dave's dad's face as he was listening to Dave share in a Sunday School class at Bethany EV Free church this morning. 

Isn't that just the best look on his face?! Pure love and joy over his son!

After Dave shared, everyone spent time in prayer for us and for JV, led in a creative way that the head of the mission's committee instructed - Dave prayed for a subject, and then the people prayed in small groups, about the same thing, all out loud. It was super powerful listening to these sweet aromas of prayer being lifted up.

Afterwards I was talking with various people, and found out that these ladies pray regularly (even nightly) for us, and we didn't even know! Thank you dear Jean and Becky for standing in the gap for us through your faithful prayers.

I could say the same to Dave's dad and mom...thank you for faithfully praying for us all these years, and for living godly lives that are such an example to us!

There are so many faith-filled people in this church that Dave grew up in - people who have loved, prayed and cared for our family all these years, like Glenn and Carole.

Our lives are different because you have prayed and stood with us through the years. Thank you so much Glenn and Carole, for your amazing investment into us, our kids, and into God's work across our region of the world !!

After church, we followed Patty/Schroeder/Hendry tradition and went out for lunch with everyone.

Thank you for this photo Joyce!

 While there I got to take a picture with my red glasses twin, my great niece Rilyn!

Qdoba never tastes as good as it does when we're there with family!

This Colorado winter day was anything but winter in its temperature! Can you believe this??

But do you see the weather that's coming? That's Colorado for you!

I asked our nephew, Blake, who lives here with dad and mom (his Grandpa and Nana) if he could take a few pictures of us on this gorgeous day.

Blake, who grew up in Slovenia as a JV missionary kid, graduated from Wheaton College last spring, and chose to move here to begin his post-college life. He commutes downtown to Denver for his job, but cheerfully helps out Grandpa and Nana when he's at home here.

There were so many heart-warming moments these past two days, getting to be with family and soak in time together especially with dad and mom.

So thankful to the Lord for warmth, literally and figuratively, here in Denver this week-end!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Perfectly Beautiful Day

How wonderful to sit at this breakfast table today!

Dave's dad and mom still live in their home, the home they bought in the mid 1960's, where Dave and his siblings were raised! It's always a treat to come "home" and be with them here.

Dave and his dad went to a funeral this morning for Caroline Graumann, wife of Tom, who wrote Twice Rescued Child, a story about being rescued in the Holocaust by Nicholas Winton. This was a story Tom used to tell, and God used powerfully, on our EXIT Tours in Czech public schools.

Tom and Caroline were missionaries in the Philippines when Dave's parents were there in the 1950's, and then years later God brought them to Czech where we connected with them. Dave was so glad to get to be there to honor Caroline, and express his condolences to Tom, who is now 90.

In the afternoon, Dave and I walked down his childhood street, enjoying the unusually warm Colorado winter day!

Dave's sister, Joyce, and her husband, David, live nearby dad and mom so it's just a short walk over to their house.

Of course Dave and his sister grew up together so have known each other their whole lives! But all four of us have been friends for a long time - forty years for Dave, David and Joyce, and thirty six years for me with all of them! It's always so special to get time together with family who are also friends!

In every way, today was a perfectly beautiful day! Time with family, honoring a life, and enjoying God's beauty in Colorado!