Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of Summer

It's hard to believe that school starts again on Monday...and that Tyler will be starting his last year of high school! This is his year of "maturita" - the leaving exams from his Czech high school.

He'll spend most of this year preparing for th
e oral exams that will happen next May. What an accomplishment it will be when he finishes...thirteen years of Czech education!

As for what's next...that's
still to be determined! He'll head for college in the States for sure, just don't know where yet...much prayer and wisdom needed for that decision.

We had what was probably our last full family vacation, at least for a while, these past few weeks. And what a good one it was!! Lots and lots of sunshine on the island
of Hvar in Croatia...we were literally drenched in it every day. Thank you Lord! You knew we all needed that!

These family vacations are such a gift from the Lord...and sweet time with our dear friends, Hash's and Ellenwood's. This was the sixth consecutive year we've vacationed together...and we still really love and enjoy each other!

There is something so good about camping together for a few weeks - it fuels and fills all of us. Truly...great times had by all!

The kids spent part of
our time in Croatia at JV Kid's camp, a highlight of the summer for them all. This camp is staffed by members of our JV team, and run by Becca McMartin who has been serving with JV for six years now as our TCK care person. Andrea Pitcher had the teaching sessions for them as they studied the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Very special time for everyone!

We're gearing up not only for school but for our fall JV conference in mid September, as well as the 2x3 campaign that will be in
ten major cities in the US this fall...stay tuned for more info on that as well as other updates!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rain, Rain and More Rain

I can't remember when we've ever had a rainier summer here in Czech. Not that I mind rain, being a true Oregonian who grew up in it! But it is a bit strange to have so many rainy, cool days in the summer.

Ah well...with the rain comes beautiful rainbows...we've seen a few this summer, that's for sure! This one looks like the pot of gold is on our garden house doesn't it??!!

We're off to Croatia for vacation today...will be there until the 27th with our good friends Ellenwood's and Hash's...sixth year we've vacationed together! We're heading down south to an island called Hvar if you want to look it up! We've never been there so are excited to check it out.

More news, updates, and photos when we get back!