Monday, December 18, 2006


Back in 1967 a pastor in Bergen, Norway had a burden for the youth of his church. Having seen a youth choir from London, he was inspired to begin something similar for his youth and "TenSing" (short for 'teenagers singing') was born.
Today TenSing is a youth work within the YMCA and is in dozens of countries from Europe to Africa. They are based on the idea of the three C`s: Christ, Culture and Creativity, and incorporate music, dance, drama, friends and faith into their program.
Why am I writing about TenSing? Caleb is a part of a TenSing group right here in Frydlant! It is an outreach to young people in our town, now led by Bogdan, the youth leader in our church, but first started by a young man named Jirka who was in our internship program at Malenovice. Last year he invited Caleb to be a part of it, and it has become a special and important part of his life!

This past Friday night they had their Christmas concert at the local music school and did a fabulous job! They mostly sing in English, choosing songs that talk about faith, God, and how that relates to their lives. Most of the young people in the choir are not believers, but that doesn't stop them from singing such songs as, "There's Nothing Better than Knowing Jesus"! We pray that as they sing and are a part of this group, they will come to know Jesus.

Caleb played the bass, sang and even danced during the concert - he was awesome! We were really proud of him and excited to see him a part of this group.

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