Saturday, December 26, 2020

Everyone Loves Simeon

Tyler and Lara spent Christmas night here at our house, so we woke up to them as a family of five this morning! 

I am amazed by Tyler and Lara, and their ability to bounce back into life after Simeon's birth just four days ago. Isn't Lara so lovely?! 

Tyler has pictures like this one with each of his boys. What an awesome dad he is!

And this Aunty loves all of her nephews and her niece!!

Every one of us enjoyed our turn with Simeon today!

His brothers think he is pretty special!

Dave and I recognize that it is highly unusual, as missionaries, to live close to family; we don't take it for granted, but instead, just thank the Lord for this gift of having these dear ones near us in this sweet season of our lives. 

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