Saturday, February 3, 2007

40 Year Dream Fulfilled

Yesterday was a very special day for me! My grand piano arrived!

As I wrote in December, we had driven across the country to look at a 60 year old piano that was being restored. Happily we found that it was "the" piano for me and purchased it. A few delays with the restoration, as well as poor weather conditions, changed the date for delivery several
times. But God was so good and in the end, had it delivered on the perfect day!

Dave got home from his 12 day trip away on Thursday night. Wh
ile we were having dinner he received a phone call from the man who had restored the piano saying he would deliver it the very next morning. Out of a five week period of time, this was the ONLY day that Dave was home for the delivery! And it happened to be a day off of school for the kids (end of the semester break) so they could be home for the delivery as well!

True to his word, the man was at our house at 9:30 on a bright, sunny
Friday morning. While Dave and Tyler were already up, we had wake Caleb so he could lend his muscles to the task of getting it in the house...that was no small task and a feat of strength for the guys!

I was giddy with excitement as they lifted it out of the trailer, carefully maneuvered it up our driveway and sidewalks, slid it over the door frames and on into the was like having a baby delivered! Lots of hard work, but oh so worth the wait...a nearly 40 year wait!!!

After the plastic wrap was off, the legs had been attached, the stool set in place, and the lid lifted, I got to sit down for the first notes. Do you know what I played? "Great is Thy Faithfulness"!! I'd been thinking about what song to play for weeks, knowing in my heart that I wanted to honor God for this gift to me (and to our family). That was the song that rang over and over in my heart as I contemplated what to play. And it was a joyous moment to let it come from my heart, through my fingers onto this lovely instrument.

Truly, God is faithful and good and loving to His children!!

One last side note...I got to talk to my grandma yesterday afternoon to tell her the news. I knew she'd be thrilled since it was she and my grandpa who first gave me the opportunity to play the piano by giving one to my family when I was 7 years old.

My grandma (almost 95!) h
ad a stroke two weeks ago and after a week in the hospital is now in a rehabilitation center trying to regain mobility and speech after being paralyzed on one side. While words don't come easy for her right now, she could hear my joy through the phone and share it with me. How meaningful to me to be able to tell her that my dream was fulfilled!!

Praise the Lord! "Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing his praises in the assembly of the faithful!"


  1. Glad you got your piano! I'm sure it will be well loved in its new home!

  2. Connie, I am so glad to read the piano arrived, and on such a perfect day! Only God could do it! GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS!!!
    I'm so glad with you!

  3. Can hardly wait to see you in your home this August--piano and all.

  4. Connie - Brought tears to my eyes as I read your story... It has come to mind several times... God is so good and kind. Praying for you during this month as Dave is away :)


    Jenny Matthes