Tuesday, February 13, 2007

First Trip Alone

We said good-bye to Tyler tonight as he headed off to Poland with our friends, Laura and her son Jacob. He will spend the night with them tonight and then head for the airport in Katowice very early for his first ever flight alone to the U.S....thanks Laura for getting up so early with him!

My mom, dad and brother bought a ticket for him about six weeks ago after seeing that his very favorite band, "Switchfoot" was going to be in their town, (Eugene, Oregon) for a concert. They decided that it would be a really special and memorable thing if he came and they all went together (very brave of my parents!) to see them! As my dad says, "We're going to rock out"! I can hardly wait to hear about that!

So off they will go on Friday night to the old McDonald theatre in Eugene where I used to see movies when I was a little girl...like "The Gnomemobiles". Anyone remember that unforg
ettable movie?! The theatre has now been renovated into a live concert venue which is kind of cool for me to think of my son going there after all these years since I last went!

He'll be there for about ten days, soaking in all the goodness of Grandma, Bapa and Uncle Mike...root beer, Taco Time, Fred Meyer, Old Navy...just a few of the soon-to-be-had highlights!

We'll miss him while he's gone but I'm so excited that he gets such a special opportunity to be with his grandparents and uncle!


  1. and don't forget Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!! =)

  2. Yeah...don't forget to bring some home to your poor deprived mother!! Ha ha!!