Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Changes in the Kids

I wish I could figure out when it is that kids grow. Is it at night while they sleep? Is it right in front of my eyes as they eat the food I make for them? Does it happen while they're out playing, or at their desks in school? When do feet go from size 4 to size 7?! Or from size 7 to size 11???!!

I know this is the phase of life where we'll see much growth in our's of course something that just happens in these teenage years! But I still don't know when it exactly happens!

For years I have taken pictures of the kids on their first day of school - it's just one of my peculiar ways of marking time! This year was one of the years where it really paid off and I was able to see the stark difference between last September and this! Do you see it in these photos?!

By the less than 2 weeks Claire will turn 13 and then we'll officially have a house full of teenagers!

We are loving this season of life with our kids! They are smart, fun, great to spend time with, funny, delightful, responsible, happy people who also love the Lord...and we really like them. Can you tell??!!

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  1. Here is the secret...They grow when you blink your eyes. So don't blink!