Thursday, March 3, 2011

Still here

I may still be in pain but my sense of humor is in tact!

Just had to give you a glimpse into my hospital life. The nurses turn on the lights at 6 AM, before it's even light outside. Today in particular was a big day in hospital life: it's "big visitation day", meaning all the doctors, including the "primar" (head doctor) come to visit. So there was a scurry of activity getting us and our room ready.

"Nothing but water out on your tables"... So away goes phones, glasses, brushes, food, books.

"No Pani Connie, you can't be wearing socks when they come in." So off go the socks, hidden away in the same place as everything else.

 (Taken with my cell phone!)

All surfaces get wiped down one, two, three times, all by different nurses.

Finally at 8, the group arrives to chat with each of us. They are actually all very kind and personal with each of us, me and my two roommates.

Dr told me that if there is no change in the pain by tomorrow he will send me to Ostrava for an MRI. The meds they are giving me don't seem to really get at this migraine. However, this afternoon a nurse came in and did acupuncture on my neck and that actually brought a bit more relief. That was a first for me!

Now to my roommates. The lady to my right is probably in her mid 60's and quite a talker...she talks to me, to our other roommate and to herself! All the while with her radio blaring. Mind you, our beds are less than 2 feet away from each other. So I am getting my fill of hits of the 80's and 90's! At least I know most of the songs.

The roomie to my left is proably in her mid 70's. While she has a kind spirit, she is a bit of a complainer...okay, a lot. Something is always hurting, she can't get out of bed so literally calls the nurse 20 times, day and night for a bed pan. She also has one of the worst coughs you will ever hear...and it goes on day and night too. And on top of all this, she has very active bowels...get the picture?!

All thing considered, I am doing ok. My head still hurts a lot, but I can pray and think despite what life is like. And when I get a little break from the pain, I am reading a missionary biography from the 1940's about war in Indonesia and what life was like then. My life is a whole lot better here in the hospital than hers was there. I can definitely endure this.

I am writing this from my phone so can't actually see the whole post until it publishes. Hope there aren't too many mistakes from my thumbs doing the typing!

Thanks for continuing to pray. I don't need to know why this happened...the Lord knows that. But would sure love to be free from pain!


  1. Love you Connie and hoping that you experience relief soon. Your cracking me up with your muster inspection and roomies, all for your future biography eh?! Praying rest upon your body.

  2. Oh Connie, can I ever relate! I'll have to tell you sometime about my roommates when I was in the hospital after having Juliette..... Praying you'll be home soon....

  3. And morning rounds and room inspection....what fun!! Why does the hospital day have to start so early??

  4. Connie, your descrpition of a typical day in a Czech hospital is so true!!! I loved reading your post although I'm praying you may be home asap!and yes, your experience from there totaly depicts the real nature of life in the Czech republic.

  5. Oh honey....I can picture all of this as you write. And having been there, I can really picture the scene!!! Those Czech hospitals really are different than the ones we have here. So glad the acupuncture helped....maybe they can do that daily. Is it okay to request that treatment? I know you've said that Czechs tend to hold back in being too demanding so I know you have to adhere to their norm but hopefully you can ask for what you need.

    Continuing to pray for strength and healing. loves, Michelle

  6. What a special gift to have humor in the midst of pain!!
    At least you must be a joy to the nurses as a "rose between 2 thorns" :))
    Laughing at your description of the "primar" and the need to have your space all ship shape and tidy and NO SOCKS on ~ what's that about?
    Praying for relief from the pain and a quick solution to the migraine.
    Love to you over the ocean waters,
    Janet Schneider

  7. Connie, do your 2 roomies know the Lord? Maybe you're there for them????? Love, Diane MSB '86

  8. "Trials must and will befall -
    But with humble faith to see
    Love inscribed upon them all,
    This is happiness to me."

    Thank you for your beautiful description of the truth of this as written in your posts.

    Praying that the nearness of our God will be your good today as you wait upon him to bring relief, healing, and the strength you need to persevere through the pain.
    Cindy Meyers