Monday, December 28, 2020

Peaceful Travels

If you look closely you'll see something a bit unusual. 

We do have deer running through our yard all the time, but we rarely have one who comes to stay for a while! 

It was a sweet scene to leave as Dave and I got in the car to head for Ostrava. I hope tomorrow is as peaceful for Dave as it is for this deer resting in our yard before he takes off again.

We are locking down again here in the Czech Republic as our Covid cases are steeply rising. But tomorrow, Dave will get on a flight early in the morning and fly to the States. 

We haven't been to the States since February so haven't seen our parents in quite a while. With his dad's health being, at times, precarious, he wants to go and spend some time with his dad and mom while he still can. 

So we said goodbye for a week and he is off to Denver just to be with them! I'm so glad he can go and pray that his flight is peaceful tomorrow, as well as his days with them. I'm sure it will be!

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