Monday, January 8, 2007

Girl's Conference at Malenovice

On Friday and Saturday 136 women of all ages gathered at Malenovice for the 3rd annual women's conference led by four of our JV/KAM missionary women...Katka, Leah, Radka and Agnes. What a beautiful time it was! They prepared such a special time for these women: a main speaker, seminars, personal ti
me, worship, time to talk with friends, yummy desserts and a gift at the end for them to take home. It was all so meaningful!

Claire came with me to the conference - her very first one as a real participant! We had such a great time talking about the topic of true beauty in God's eyes, as well as many other things we heard there. It was a delight to watch her engage and be so
full of interest and questions about it all!

One fun thing that happened there: She and I were on our way to lunch in the restaurant at the hotel when we saw Lucka and her mom. Lucka was Claire's very first babysitter 12 years ago! Lucka, who was in our youth group and hadn't yet trusted Christ at the time,
was just twelve when she started babysitting while I went to class to learn Czech. Several years later she put her faith in Christ and has walked with the Lord ever since then. Now here she was bringing her mom, who to my knowledge is not a believer, to a women's conference! So neat! Wish I'd taken a picture of her and Claire together!

It was a special week-end!

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  1. Claire's going to her first womens's like our little Claire is growing up. It seems like just yesterday she was in her little purple Hanna Andersson bibs and her hair pulled back in a pony tail.

    Uncle Mike