Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

As I type there is a spectacular display of fireworks out of my office window! The hotel's fantastic display just finished (watched it from our bedroom balcony!) but the neighbors are still going! If you've never seen Europe on New Year's Eve it just might be worth saving up to come for. What a fireworks show it is all over the valley! You've never seen ANYTHING like this!

Tyler and I stayed home tonight for our own private New Year's celebration, while Dave, Caleb and Claire went up to the hotel for their big party - I think there are about 150+ people there tonight. They say it's quite a party! Tyler and I were more in the mood for a quiet night at home together which has been fun. What 16 year old wants to spend New Year's Eve with his mom? I'm honored that he did! Thanks Tyler!

Happy New Year to all from our family!

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  1. I pray that we would strive to glorify and enjoy our Father in a new way in 2007!
    And that our passion for His Word would deepen and expand.
    To Him be the glory forever and ever.

    Blessed New Year my friend, Linda