Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dave's Doings

Dave has just about finished a season of teaching and preaching unlike any other season either of us can remember. But it has been so fruitful and used by the Lord, and for that we're both so thankful to the Lord for sustaining him, and for using him in people's lives.

* In May he was the main speaker for our JV Family Con
ference where he led the adult sessions and spoke on "Personal Transformation". It was a study in the contrast of King Saul and King David's lives as he walked us through why their lives turned out so differently. He began with a "Theology of Change" which was fascinating and enlightening. It was so good that I want to put in his points from that first talk - think about them in light of Saul and David:

Good News about Change

1. God is initiating your transformation
2. Your future is not determined by your past
3. Change in you will automatically bear fruit around you
4. You are never done with the process of transformation
5. Nothing is impossible for God

Bad News about Change

1. Past change does not guarantee future change
2. Unresolved problems will always repeat themselves
3. You can be stuck at the same place for the rest of your life
4. Your lack of transformation will affect everyone around you, especially your family and children
5. Deep transformation by yourself is impossible.

If you are interested in listening to Dave's talks (they're in English!) let me know and I can point you to a website where you can download them and listen to them.

*Later on in May Dave was the main speaker at CBV, our Bible conference for the Czech KAM team and our intern graduates. There were about 100 people there for this conference where Dave spoke on lessons of leadership from the life of Moses. This was also tremendous and deeply used by the Lord in the lives of those who were there. Dave continues to hear good feedback from people about this event. He taught in Czech for this conference so you probably don't want the download for this one...unless you're fluent in Czech!

*On June 2nd Dave had the privilege of bringing the message at a wedding of two very precious people to us, Agnes and Petr. We have known these two for years and had the joy of doing their pre-marital counseling and then being with them on their wedding day.

*During the first week of June Dave was the main speaker (again!) at our summer intern training for all the Americans and staff who will spend the summer ministering in various countries being a part of ourEnglish camps. This time he went through the book of Ephesians and again it was super practical and applicable for these young college age students who have given up a summer to be here with JV.

*And today...he filmed the last episode of Exit 316! Episode #43!! Today's topic was "Grace" and he spoke on what God's grace means to us as people here on earth. This episode will actually not air until September as the show's last episode is being pre-empted this month by some big European sporting event. That's good news for us as we get one more opportunity to proclaim truth to the people of the Czech Republic this fall!

On top of all this he's been working hard to get our yard and garden in order...he is a Patty after all! (In case you don't know, Dave has been a "gardener" since he was just a young boy - it was a Patty family thing when he was growing up in Denver!).

We are happy to celebrate him this week-end on Father's Day for being an all-around wonderful dad, husband, leader and friend!

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  1. Another great update. Thanks for filling us in. So where do we find Dave's teaching in English?