Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Boys

I love having my own blog because I can write about anything that I want! Sometimes my blog is newsy about ministry things, sometimes it's stories about things God is doing in and around JV.

But today I just want to brag on my boys for a bit!

When Tyler was about 13 he asked if Dave could teach him how to play the bass. Once he learned that he moved on to the guitar where he found his "home" and has spent hours and hours playing for the past three years.

This past fall Caleb decided to join in the fun and asked Tyler to teach him how to play bass. He picked it up quite naturally and found that he had a knack for it. This led to him playing for "Tensing" the music group that I've written about before.

But sometime this spring the boys started playing together...and it sounded really good! There is nothing sweeter to my ears than hearing them in Caleb's room having a good jam session playing all the songs I love (especially Switchfoot!).

When the boys' good friend, Hudson Jones, returned from the States for the month of May, they decided to spend a Saturday doing a recording of their music. They asked their good friend, Hannah Ellenwood, to join them and spent the day at our church using my little Mac computer, their instruments, and the sound equipment to make a CD! They recorded eight songs for their first CD and made a few copies for themselves and a few friends. Not too bad of work for a Saturday!

Then this past Friday night, Tyler and Caleb had their first live "gig"! The youth group sponsors an outreach event every year in June and this year decided to expand it a bit to include a Friday night "cajovna" - think "coffeehouse" in America to get the idea! They asked Tyler if he would be the live music, so he asked Caleb to join him and they started practicing...initially Tyler made up a list of 50 songs that they could do!

I don't know how many they actually did that night, but they played for nearly two hours and sounded awesome!

It was kind of a mother's dream to walk into the "cajovna" tent and see her boys playing together up front. I rather think it won't be the last time!