Monday, June 18, 2007

Significant Day

Father's Day 2007 was just a great day all around! Not only did we get to celebrate Dave, but we also celebrated Caleb's baptism! In the afternoon during our church service, Caleb made his public profession of faith in Jesus and was baptized by Dave and Ken
Pitcher, our long time friend and pastor here in Frydlant.

Caleb gave his testimony in Czech in front of the church and had to answer a few questions that Ken gave him. Then Dave joined them and went down into the cold w
ater with him!
It was a really sweet (and emotional!) moment for me to watch Dave and Ken baptize Caleb. I was so proud of Caleb for having come to this decision on his own, for having talked to Ken and the elders about it on his own, and for giving his testimony in Czech - it was awesome!

After both he and Svatia (a dear gal who trusted Christ at English camp a few years ago) were both finished with their baptisms, they came and sat on the front step in front of the church and Tyler and I surprised them both by singing together, "You Alone", a worship song that talks about how God alone is our Father and Savior. I could barely get my emotions under control to sing, but I guess that's okay for the mom when it was her son who was baptized!
How I praise God, and do not take it lightly, that our children are following after the Lord. Praise God that He has called each one of them to Himself.


  1. It was a beautiful service. I rejoice with you. What a joy to watch Caleb give his testimony and follow Christ in baptism. A life moment for all of us

  2. I love the new picture at the top of your blog, it looks so cool!!
    Well, that's all.