Saturday, March 21, 2009

25 Year Anniversary...with the Girls

The summer of 1984 was a life-changing summer for me.

First of all, I'd gotten a call in February from a certain guy asking me if I would pray about going with Malachi that summer. You can probably guess who that guy was!

Then in May, I got in a car and drove 24 hours to Denver for training with the seven other people I'd be spending the summer with. Jerri Miller Kayll and Dave Schroeder were in that car, and in Denver I met up with Laura Larrabee Hash, Joyce Patty Schroeder, Steve Patty, Brian Davis and...yep, Dave Patty!

Meeting these people truly changed the course of my life...I've been different ever since! And the friendships that I formed with those three women turned out to be lifelong ones...all three were in our wedding,
Laura and I have been here in Eastern Europe with JV for 15 years, we've all connected here and there over the years and I got to have Joyce as my sister-in-love!

The four of us don't get to be together very
often, though our hearts are deeply connected. So any time we have together is precious and valued! I'm so thankful the Lord gave us this past week to share together.


  1. Hey Con...

    I love the pictures from years ago plus now! What a fun visit down memory lane as you put the pictures side by side!

    Love you, Michelle

  2. looking good! you girls just keep looking better and better!