Thursday, August 6, 2009

This is It

It's our last day at home with Tyler today. Not sure what to feel about's definitely a strange and new feeling.

We leave tomorrow morning on vacation and begin the final countdown to his leaving for Chicago, Moody Bible Institute, and a whole new life.
He leaves us on Thursday the 13th.

This past week has been full of good-byes for him...a commissioning time at church, a surprise party by the youth group, time with friends and one final family night for us (a tradition we've had since the kids were very young).

I know other missionary families have sent their kids off to the States for college, but it's new to us so we're all experiencing the emotion of it for the first time.

The good part about grieving is that it expresses the depth of love we have shared as a family, which I'm thankful for.

But I wish someone would remind me of that when we're standing at the airport next Thursday saying good-bye and I'm crying...

Ah well...I am confident the Lord will see us all through this time of transition.

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  1. I've been praying for you all and will continue to... You've been on my heart! Thank you for sharing... Praying that your vacation is a very sweet time and that He holds all of your hearts as you separate for a little while. May He give you special connections and memories with Tyler, now, and throughout the fall. With care - Jenny