Sunday, May 19, 2013

Caleb and Haley: Engaged!

On Friday night in Chicago, at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Lincoln Park, Caleb asked Haley Chase to marry him!!!!

She said YES!!!!

Their love story is such a sweet one!

We've known Haley and her family for over twenty years. But it was five years ago that we visited her family in Colorado and a spark began between Caleb and Haley.

They were long distance Skype friends for four years after that, each beginning to fall in love with the other one during those years as their friendship deepened.

Last May, after Haley's family moved to Slovakia to serve with Josiah Venture, Caleb and Haley began to date. Then they headed to Moody to begin college and, perhaps more importantly, fall in love!

Unbeknownst to Haley (and to most everyone else!), Caleb made a decision last April, before they'd even began to date, to purchase a diamond for her while we were in Israel.

Yes, it was one of those crazy "you just know that you know" moments as he stood with his dad in the showroom of Capice Diamond and Jewelry in Tiberius, Israel, and made the decision to purchase it!

He worked last summer to pay it off, and then worked this year at Moody to save for the setting of that diamond. Isn't it lovely?!!!

Friday, it all paid off as he proposed to his precious and lovely Haley!!

Tyler and Lara, Allyson (Haley's sister) and Shane (Allyson's boyfriend, and Caleb's roommate next year at Moody), and two of his good friends, Chris and CJ from Moody, helped him pull off the ultimate surprise as he led Haley on an adventure through Chicago that led towards a most romantic setting and moment in the garden where he asked her to be his wife.

It was pure joy to gather around the computer just hours later, while it was still the day of their engagement (though was morning for us here in Czech) and hear the details of their beautiful engagement story.

They are planning to be married next summer in Colorado, and then continue their education at Moody.

We are SO delighted by God's answer to our prayers for precious wives for our sons. We praise and bless the Lord for our Lara and now for our Haley, precious women who not only love the Lord, but love our sons!!

Speaking of love...I LOVE this photo! Haley's reaction, as Caleb explained all the ways he'd carefully planned for their engagement. PRICELESS!!!!

More importantly...she is a priceless gift to Caleb!


  1. Such exciting news! Both Haley and Allyson sang in the children's choir which was part of our wedding ten years ago. It's been awesome to see them grow up into godly young women who love the Lord. So glad that Haley will get to share this journey with your son. Congratulations!

  2. This is GREAT news! Congrats to Haley and Caleb!

  3. Congrats to you both!!!! When is the big day? You two made Kate's day she is jumping and running around the house

  4. That was mom. Kate: Mom tried to tell me but I would not listen LOL

  5. God's gracious gifts to not only Haley and Caleb, but to you as families, and the Family of God. Love and Congratulations to all ! God's love increases through time with countless surprises of joy.

  6. I can't believe so many big things happened in a couple weeks. That was epic!