Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Gift from Long Ago

What was the best gift you received this Christmas? An item of clothing you especially wanted, a new pair of running shoes, a needed household appliance, or perhaps tickets to a concert you wanted to see?

Or did you receive something of sentimental value?

In our family, Claire was the recipient of such a gift!

Notice that label? It was made by her aunt, and the contents were put in by her dad and uncles OVER FORTY YEARS AGO!

Yes, this is genuine Patty honey! (For those who don't know, this was a Patty family project here in Colorado for about six years when Dave was in junior high and high school)

Grandpa and Nana know how much Claire likes honey so gave her a bottle that's been resting on a shelf in the Patty garage for many years, just waiting for such a moment as this. Claire has heard about this Patty honey all her life,  but never tasted it.

Until tonight!

With no small amount of excitement, the jar was opened, and the taste testing commenced!

The verdict? While Claire expected it to taste sharp and musky because of the dark color, she was surprised by its refreshing flavor! Dave said that time and exposure to light cause the dark color, but barely change the taste. It tasted like...well, honey. Very good honey, for sure!

When Dave tasted it, his response was, "Yep, that's Patty honey!"

What a fun and meaningful gift to Claire from her well as her dad, aunt and uncles. Little did they know that one day Dave's daughter would be taking it to college with her.

Yes, it'll be on the plane with her when she returns to Chicago in a week!


  1. What a fun story! I'm so happy that you all got to taste it and that Claire gets to keep it and take it back to Moody with her. YAY!! :o)

  2. Ahhhh! Patty honey. And I'm sure the story was re-told of when Steve fell asleep...

  3. That's amazing and what a treasured gift for Claire to have received!

  4. It was delicious! Definitely the most surprising gift this season. And Sheri - of course that story was told!! Haha... I love that you remembered that!

  5. That special gift couldn't have been given to a more perfect recipient!

  6. Amazing! Can't believe that Margaret and Dick still had a jar. What a sweet, perfect Claire gift!!