Sunday, January 12, 2014

So Good and Right

I sit gazing out the window at a storm brewing here in Jackson this evening. It's supposed to be a big one tonight, which would just thrill me!

Since I hope to hunker down and get back to writing soon, a snowstorm is welcome to cruise on through here.

So thankful that we had wintry weather while Caleb and Claire were here though, but not so wintry that we couldn't soak it in. It was purely enjoyable to be here in Jackson and the surrounding area this past week with our kids!

It's hard for me to describe how precious this time was, to have time with our kids (including Tyler and Lara) these past weeks.

It's an odd phase of life, loving any time we get with them, and yet feeling content with where theirs and our lives are at. It's so right for them to be moving on into their adult lives, and for Dave and I to be back to dancing our dance with each other. I'm enjoying life with him so much in this new phase.

Yet, for these past weeks I reveled in the goodness of being with the kids again, being a mom, being a family and just enjoying the goodness of that. They're all so fun to spend time with!

 This past week in Jackson it's been precious to have mom and daughter time...

And great for Dave and Caleb to have their time together too (this was after the epic skiing day on Thursday to celebrate Caleb's 21st birthday!).

And it was good to see them off at the airport today. 

Not good in the sense that I don't want to be with them anymore...oh no! I could hang out with them for ages!

But it's good to see them flourishing in their next phases of life. They're figuring out who they are, finding God to be sufficient for them apart from their parents, and giving themselves fully to the lives God's called them to live.

That's why it's good for them to be leaving today.

They need to spread their wings and fly, and be the people that God's called them to be.

And that wouldn't be possible if we clipped those wings and made them stay.

So we give them big hugs and kisses, and prayerfully send them off to what the Lord has in store for them in the coming months, knowing this is so good and right.

Oh believe me, there's a tug on my heart, and a catch in my throat as I bravely wave goodbye. After all, I'm  their mom and genuinely like being with them as much as possible.

But they're grown up now, doing just great, and I'm glad to have had no worries as I saw them off today.

That made it a tiny bit easier to say goodbye.



  1. Here I am again, your #1 Commenter on your Blog Posts! I know how much you love getting responses (hint, hint to others!) so I love writing after I read. I just want to say that your blog here needs to be in your book. It's about the healthy stages of life that both and your kids are in while being willing to embrace the hello's and the goodbye's. I don't know that a lot of people are healthy about those transitions. And I'm not putting others down but am saying that your example is one that I believe will lead others. You go girl! Praying for this next phase to be sweet and smooth. Love you!

  2. Yes, and Amen, dear friend. You said it so well. Such joy in watching our kids become who we've prayed they would. Such delight in enjoying who God is making them. Yet pain in the offering….as we let go and continue to bless their going. Loved this. Love you.

  3. Beautiful Connie! Love how you are embracing this phase of life... i'll need to revisit this truth a few years down the road!

  4. I've sure enjoyed all of your Wyoming posts. All of you look so happy and radiant!

    Every time I see a post from Wyoming I keep thinking of those great western songs like "Oh give me a home, where the Buffalo roam..."

    I'll let Michelle think that she is your #1 commenter on your blog but we both know I've been there since the start! Ha, ha!

  5. Hi Connie -- We haven't met, so I feel a little silly commenting! My husband and I know and love the Trenckmanns, and I found this blog through the JV website. I am so thankful! Thanks for sharing your joy for life, especially your joy as a mom. We have a 16-month-old, so the joys are enormous, but they come with some tiredness!! I was glad for this reminder to take the long view. Thank you so much for the encouragement and perspective.... and thank you again for sharing with people you don't know, like me!

  6. I don't know if any of you will see my comment back to you, but just want to say thanks for taking time to comment - it means the world to me! @KayLynn - bless you for taking time to comment when we haven't met! Maybe we will someday! :)

  7. Ok seriously - this was awesome (Jackson, I mean). I hope I get to go back one day! Thanks for taking us with you. That was such a blessing to be there. Ah, the memories!