Thursday, November 12, 2015

Forever Changed: The Birth of Judah

Our first grandson, Judah Andrew Patty, has arrived!!!!

Healthy and content, he's already entwined himself around our hearts and we are positively over the moon in love with this little man!

When I wrote yesterday we were all in the waiting room at the hospital on a dark and stormy Veteran's Day night, pacing the halls, talking amongst ourselves, and anxiously expecting news of his arrival, though unsure if it would happen that day or into the next.

There was much rejoicing when the first picture arrived, letting us know he was here!

Tyler had been out in the waiting room having dinner with us earlier, but when he went back to join Lara around 5:30 PM that was the last we saw of him until 11:30.

It was a long six hours wondering and waiting to see if Judah's birthday would be on that day or the next.

But then, when Tyler was finally able to come out to tell us the news in person, and show pictures, it started to become real that Judah had truly been born that day!

Of course we all wanted details and maybe you do too! Here are Judah's stats:

Date of birth: 11/11/15
Time of birth: 10:16 PM
Labor: 5 hours (GO LARA!!! So proud of her!)
Weight: 6 pounds (2.74 kg)
Length: 20 inches (50.8 cm)

We think he's pretty adorable!

Earlier in the day at the ultrasound with Tyler and Lara, there was concern by the technician and doctors about Judah's tummy not having developed at the same rate as everything else. Because of that, they made the decision to induce right away so they could see what was going on, thus sending Lara to the hospital immediately.

It only took a bit of pitocin to get things going, and then Lara was on her own - no epidural, no drugs, just a mom doing what God made her body to do! So incredibly proud of her strength and courage, which brought us all this precious gift.

And the best news of all after his birth: no problems with his tummy! For whatever reason, that was just God's way of bringing him into the world on November 11th, the day of His choosing. We were SO thankful for the news that all is well now that he's here.

Around midnight we were blessed to be able to go in to meet this precious bundle.

Lara's mom with Judah

Someone asked me if I cried when I got the news of his arrival. I didn't.

But I sure did when I saw and held him for the first time. Oh such welling up of emotion in that moment.

I don't know if you can ever anticipate what it will feel like until the moment is finally upon you, that moment when you hold a grandchild. All I can say is that little six pound darling cut right through to the depths of my heart and made me fall in love all over again.

And if that wasn't enough, seeing my firstborn son hold his firstborn son just about did me in!

For the next few minutes everyone took turns meeting little Judah, being swept up in love every time he was placed in new arms.

These are his aunts and uncle!! Ones who will know and love him the rest of his life. For a new mommy, daddy, aunt, uncle or grandparent, it's such a profound moment to meet a baby for the first time, one who "belongs" to you and who will be in your life for the REST of your life.

I absolutely adored watching my kids fall in love with their nephew, as if they'd loved him for years already.

I think it was hard for every one of us to pass him on to the next person. I know I had the feeling that I just wanted to hold him forever, and I think everyone else felt the same way!

This dear friend was an immense blessing in the process of bringing Judah into the world.

Gretchen Hall, a JV missionary who served with her husband in Albania and is now in Wheaton at our home office, is a doula who stood by Tyler and Lara throughout the birthing process.

Meeting with them ahead of time to coach and talk through what to expect, she was then there at the hospital to be a part of ushering Judah into the world. So happy for the loving, calm, instructive manner in which she blessed them as Lara labored and delivered our precious little man!

Probably the most profound moment for me happened just before we left around 1 AM.

While Tyler was holding sweet Judah, I went over to say goodbye. Standing next to him as we both gazed at Judah, I had one of those lightening-bolt realizations that is both obvious, yet profound: my son is a father.

His life is now forever changed, just like mine was the day he was born.

Nothing will ever be the same from this point on in his and Lara's lives. Judah's presence changes everything, for the better!

But days, and nights, will never look the same. Sacrifices will be made that they never expected. Love will pour out of them from depths of their heart they never knew.

They will be wiser, richer, stronger, braver, more loving and more grace-filled people because of his presence. And they'll grow more dependent on the Lord than they ever knew was possible.

Children have a way of making that a reality!

And in the end, they'll understand something more of their heavenly Father and His immense love for them, and for their son. There is little better than delving further into the depths of that realization!

"Thank you Lord, for the gift of this little boy into Tyler and Lara's lives, and for what joy and blessing we know he will bring them for years to come. Give them all they need to parent and love him for your glory and honor.

And may Judah grow to be a man whose life is changed by Jesus, the Lion of Judah, and may he love, proclaim and follow You all the days of his life."

We love you and welcome you to our family JUDAH!!!
Photo by Aunt Claire!


  1. Huge congratulations to you all! What an answer to prayer!
    bless this little man and his family ,
    Betsy (Jean Worley's sister)

  2. So beautiful! I'm so happy for you and your family!

  3. Can't stop the tears! So beautiful! Celebrating the richness that life brings!

  4. Yeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! .....tears.... I am so happy Judah is here and you are simply AMAZING family!!!!! Gods blessing for Judah and all of you...Love you Ingrid....

  5. Connie, wow!!! Oh, how rich that so many of you were able to be there to meet Judah right away. Praise the Lord for little Judah!