Monday, November 9, 2009

Season of Teaching

This fall has been full of opportunities to teach God's Word for both Dave and I.

We both taught at our JV fall conference, shortly after I'd come back from teaching in Romania.

Dave spoke for the Campus Crusade Conference in Australia for a week in September.

He taught at the Baptist youth conference in Sumperk the last week-end in October.

During that week-end he also taught at another youth conference for one day.

This past week-end he spoke on Angels and Demons for a conference Friday and part of Saturday, then headed to a church and taught Saturday evening and Sunday morning on spiritual warfare.

While he was teaching Friday night, I was also teaching! I had a very sweet evening with a group of girls in Havirov, (where we used to live) speaking on what it means to know Jesus in everyday life.

It's a joy to open God's Word, study it and then get to teach it!


  1. I do love that you are getting opportunities to teach these days. But I just want to also say that as long as I've known you, you've been a beautiful teacher in my life. Sometimes the lessons have been a well placed word, a casual conversation, a prayer or just observing you living life. So glad to call you teacher, friend and sister!

  2. Yeah, you went over 20,000 hits!!! I must admit that I account for a certain percentage of the 20,000. I always enjoy your updates and the effort that it takes to continue being faithful to your blog.