Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hanging with the Boys

On Tuesday this week my friend, Sharon, and I did something we've never done. We had a mother-son day at the mall!

She and I have had plenty of mother-daughter mall dates...but never with our sons.

Tyler and Patrick were here in Frydlant at BMA together all four years of high school, and are both now college students in the States. Both came home for Christmas, which led to us moms thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a shopping day together with our college boys?"!

So, on a snowy morning we headed off to Poland to a mall that was new to all of us!

We had a great time shopping (yes, these boys like to shop...if their moms are buying!), eating Greek food for lunch, and drinking coffee at a very cool "sidewalk cafe" type coffee shop in the mall...clever design!

It's one of those Christmas vacation memories that I'll think of many times through the years!

Tyler leaves this Saturday to head back to Chicago. I'm glad we've made a lot of other g
ood memories too while he's been here. It's been a perfect time!

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  1. What mall? Looks fun! Just today reading your blog. Very fun and lots of info I didn't know about yet!!!