Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Enjoying Wyoming

The sun fully came out in Jackson today! 

While they didn't get the big snowstorm that was predicted, there's still enough snow on the ground to make it enchanting, especially when the sun is shining.

I needed to run some errands, and it was just so pretty outside that I grabbed my camera to have along with me, and started clicking as I walked through town. Look at that blue sky! I love the fronts of the buildings here too.

And that tree? It's not old leaves hanging on that makes it's the bark and branches! So cool.

Love all the wooden sidewalks that are throughout town...makes me feel like I'm back in the wild west.

Jackson was established as a town in 1914 - just one hundred years ago! There are a few buildings around that look like they're from that time period.

Every direction you look from town, you see mountains. On a day like today, that makes for some pretty spectacular views.

Found this guy lounging around town while I was out walking. Like a few others today, he didn't even need a coat! :)

And there's the infamous Wyoming cowboy. You see that image everywhere! From the license plates (some say the Wyoming plate is the best in the States!) to statues, you'll find that iconic image in all sorts of places.

The town of Jackson sits in Jackson Hole, the valley surrounded by the magnificent hills and Teton mountains. It's both a really down-to-earth town, and spectacularly beautiful.

I literally saw these fellows through the open door of a gift shop as I was walking by! Just couldn't resist snapping their photo.

As we drove home, the sky turned purple, pink and blue giving us a magnificent sunset. It was breathtaking!

With a population of just 576,000 people, the state of Wyoming is the least populated of the US states.

But we sure think it's one of the most beautiful.

We are enjoying Wyoming!