Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Any Guesses What Today Is?

Yes, it's our wedding anniversary! Twenty years ago today in Speyer, Germany, I walked down the aisle of a lovely cathedral to the man of my dreams. We've been loving each other and loving sharing life together ever since then.

Who says dreams don't come true?!! "Thank you Lord for the good gift of marriage!!"


  1. Hello beautiful Connie! I came over to visit you (left you a little message over at my place, but never know if people go back and read responses...) and discovered two precious pictures. Happy Anniversary. I remember you not many years after that first picture. I remember you sharing some of your journey in your marriage with me, while I was yet single. I still can recall some of our conversations, which amazes me, being that it was a few years ago! But God uses moments such as those to shape us, and He used you in me. So, it is sweet for me to come visit your words for the first time and join in the celebration of God's work in you and the man you love. And the second picture tells me that you have grown even more beautiful through these past 20 years. Which doesn't surprise me one bit! (a hello to your husband from both of us, k?) ...dawn

  2. Connie & Dave,

    20 years being married is such a great acievment, but no one doubted you being together forever. You are both so great together. I look forward to celebrating your 50th. Hey, it's not that far off!