Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Grandma's Gone

My Grandma France went to be with Jesus today. I'm so happy to know she's there with Him right now - it makes heaven all that much more near to me today.

I suppose a lot of people think their grandparents are amazing, but she truly was one incredible lady! I will miss her so much. She was 95 this March so she
saw and did a lot in her lifetime...and kept up with it all right to the end. She wasn't a person of the past, but one of the present - I loved that about her. Now her "present" is with the Lord - that must be the very best for her!

She also had such a great sense of humor, was delightful to be
with, was a fabulous cook, was so interested in and cared about people, was completely unselfish, was devoted to her family, was an expert quilter...and she loved the Lord. amazing lady right to the end.

I'm flying home to Oregon to be with my family in celebration of her life. I'll be there until April 12th. It's hard for me to imagine that she's not there...but at least I know where she is!!

I love this picture of her - it was from two summers ago when we were there to visit. She loved Taco Time (a local favorite in Eugene, Oregon) as much as everyone else! I'll miss going there with her.

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