Sunday, January 20, 2008

Caleb Has a Birthday

Today was Caleb's birthday...he's 15!

We celebrated last night with some friends at a medieval restaurant in Frydek-Mistek...a very manly restaurant where we had big platters of grilled meat. He loved that...what guy wouldn't?!

Tonight I made his favorite meal (a Rachel Ray Greek dish...yum!), we gave him a few presents (he'd already gotten his main present which was a bass guitar he got while we were in the States - he sounds amazing on it!) and Dave read from Psalm 139. It was such a nice time as a family honoring our Caleb!

I'm not sure where time has gone, but I still remember that cute little guy that used to live with us! Now in his place, there is a big, strong, healthy, muscular, fun, smart, happy, funny, warm, loving young man.

We're sure glad to have him in our family!

Just in case you ever knew him in his younger days, this other photo will remind you of who he used to be. We're glad we don't see as many band-aids, bumps and bruises these days!

Happy Birthday Caleb!! We sure love you!


  1. Caleb is an extraordinary and wonderful young man. Hope his birthday was wonderful and I wish him the best of luck for another great year of being Caleb the incredible!

    Uncle Mike

  2. That really was the perfect place to go for Caleb's birthday!
    I can't hardly believe that that's him in the picture!!
    Great update!
    Love, Claire

  3. Ok, so how many days did he wear the t-shirt in that photo? Remember when he used to wear the same shirt for something like 28 days in a row? I'm sure glad he's grown up.... I mean he doesn't do that anymore, right?
    Aunt K

  4. Cutie Caleb! Even with a scraped up little face...