Thursday, January 10, 2008

Looking Back

Years ago when we were living in Germany, before we even had kids, we were visiting one of our chaplains and his family at their home one evening. While there I noticed something on the wall that caught my attention.

He and his family had lived in Germany years before when their daughters were just 2 and 4. At the time, their mom had taken a picture from
behind of the dad holding the girls' hands as they walked up the hill to the Heidelberg castle. Now that they were back in Germany, they had recently gone up to the castle and taken another photo doing the same thing in the same spot...only the girls were 13 and 15!

Those were such captivating photos. I stood there mesmerized by the changes that had taken place in the girls (and their dad!) over those years, and how it was captured in those two simple photos.

I kept in mind that someday I'd like to do that with any children we might have. And so when the kids started coming, I did just that!

It started with a photo from behind of Dave and Tyler in Colorado when Tyler was just one year old, and has continued on since then at many locations throughout the world. But instead of just a couple photos like the chaplain had, I could cover a whole wall with backward photos of Dave and the kids! Tells you a little about me and how much I like taking

I don't take them as often now as I did when the kids were little but snapped one of Dave and them when we were in the Atlanta airport on our way back home to Czech last week.

Tonight I dug up one of our early photos and scanned it...that's the first one you see (taken in Krakow, Poland in 1995). And of course this is the most recent one!

They've all changed a bit, that's for sure.

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  1. As kids grow taller do they sprout large pieces of luggage? Great photos to see together.