Saturday, June 21, 2008

On the Road!

We've been in the States for two weeks now...funny how two weeks of fun family time is different than two weeks of pain, sickness and seeing doctors. I sure am thankful for these past two weeks of something wonderful like being with family!

We were in Telluride, Colorado with our Patty side of the family last week...twenty of us gathered together at a gorgeous condo loaned to us by friends. What a great gift! (Thank you D and N for so graciously loaning it to us!)

My eyes have seen a lot of beautiful places in the world, but I kept saying in Telluride: "I sure hope a part of heaven looks like this!" It really was spectacular there...a place I would love to spend more time in. There was something about it that really touched my heart and soul. And being with our extended family made it all the better!

Hiking, walking, talking, laughing, eating, smiling, shopping, playing, resting...all good gifts from the Lord, as we enjoyed time with some of our most favorite people in the world!

We're off to Michigan tomorrow morning...will be at Gull Lake Conference Center where Dave is the speaker for the week. The boys will fly back to Czech by themselves next Thursday so they can be at English camp. Dave, Claire and I still have two more weeks in the States after that.

Travel has been tough on Caleb and he's not felt the best since being back in the States, though I will say he's making the most of his time here and living well in spite of the continual pain. We do see progress, but it's slowed down a bit by the changes in time, diet and activity - all things that impact him. He's anxious to get back home, though I don't know that camp food and activity will be any more helpful to him than what he's getting! But he's thankful he gets to go and we'll trust the Lord on that one!

Limited internet in Michigan means I probably won't get to post again for another week...such is life on the road!

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