Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thank You Lord!

Caleb and I have only had ten days at home, but what great days they've been! And so many things to be thankful for!

Sometimes there is something precious about being gone for a while as it makes you appreciate and enjoy what you've been given. We've definitely been experiencing that!

  • Caleb finished 9th grade, even though he missed the last three months of school. The principal was more than understanding and graduated him on to high school with good wishes for success. He only had to go three days since being back, just to say his good-byes and finish up a few last things. This is the end of his time at "basic school" so it was a milestone of sorts.
  • Caleb's pain level is now down to 4-5!! His treatment is working quicker than we expected! This is such an answer to prayer!! He looks good and is feeling better all the time.
  • Tyler and Claire finished 11th and 8th grade just today! It still amazes me that our kids have been able to do all their schooling in Czech. We're so proud of them!
  • Dave finished up his teaching at intern training on Tuesday. He taught five times from the book of John to the group of 80+ who will be spending their summer throughout Eastern Europe, serving at English camps with young people and sharing their lives and faith. Pray for a great harvest this summer of new believers!
  • We've been able to reconnect with friends and JV family since we've been back, and soak in our life here in Frydlant...oh how we do love it here!
Tomorrow morning at 3 AM we leave our house to head for the airport where we've got three separate flights that will eventually get us to Denver! We'll get there at 4 in the afternoon, which will be midnight our time, thus travel time is about 21 hours. I guess that's not so bad when you consider how far we're going!

We'll be at Bethany EV Free in Littleton on Sunday, and then head to Telluride for our family reunion with the Patty's - first time we've been together in three years. We're all looking forward to that so much!

After that it's on to Ft. Collins where we'll be at Faith EV Free the next Sunday (Father's Day!), and then head back to Denver for a few more days with family, while Dave has a JV board meeting nearby.

More happy days are coming and we're thankful to the Lord for giving us such a rich life, for sustaining us through the hard times, and blessing us with so many good relationships along the way!

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  1. Hey, It is so nice to hear Caleb is recovering, the family is reunited and you even get to spend some family time together in the States. What a blessing. Enjoy these precious moments and say HI to our Patty's who we miss very much on our end.
    Sebastian & Gloria from Slovenia