Friday, December 26, 2008

Jesus is February

On Christmas Eve afternoon, Dave and I were out visiting our neighbors, bringing them our cards and Christmas greetings.

Among others, we stopped by the Andelovi, the brother and sister that are our closest neighbors, who I've written about before. We rang the bell from the fence and she met us halfway up the drive with: "Jesus is coming in February...don't worry, he really is going to come".

I didn't look at Dave as we headed towards the front door, but I was thinking, "I sure hope Dave understands what she's talking about because I must have misunderstood her."

We stepped inside their very humble home, amongst the cats and chickens, walking on the dirt floor and into the living room where a very "Charlie Brown-ish" Christmas tree stood. We chatted for a few moments, giving them our gift and card. While we're trying to wish them a merry Christmas, Pani Andelova is still talking about Jesus coming in February.

This was now a little disconcerting! Was she delusional? Or does she have some special information that we don't know about??

After we left, wishing them a merry Christmas, I was still trying to piece together what she'd been saying. As soon as we were out of earshot, I asked Dave if he knew what she meant. Shaking his head, he said no as we continued on to our next neighbor.

Just a few feet later, all of a sudden, Dave started laughing! "She's must be talking about the French Jesus!"

Ah yes!! The French Jesus! The needlepoint pattern that she ordered from France and wants to make for us!!!

Several months ago she gave some friends of ours one of her needlepoints...also a "French Jesus" (as opposed to the Czech or European version that she also makes). She felt bad that she's never given one to us so asked which Jesus we would prefer she make for us.

We chose "the French Jesus".

And that's who is coming in February!

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