Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Facebook Update

Last Monday a hacker stole my Facebook account. One week later, I still don't have it back.

What I'm learning in the meantime:
  1. I may not get it back
  2. FB has a difficult customer service system to work with
  3. I can live without it
I was with a friend for lunch today and we were talking about what this past week and half of life has been like for me without that "link to the world".

While I've missed knowing the tidbits and details of life that friends post there, it's been a time of quiet and refreshment for me, processing Lily's death, as well as just regaining perspective on the things in life that are of greatest importance.

And honestly, I've had more time for other things! You know how FB can "suck you in"!

The Lord is not surprised by any of the events of these past days and weeks. In light of that, I'm trying to see things from His perspective, and pay attention to what's on His heart for these days. That in itself, is refreshing!


  1. I vote for your return to Facebook. I read your blog daily but FB was great for keeping up with your life in pictures and frequency of posting updates.

  2. I closed my facebook account a few years back because I was wasting too much time on there. Then out of the blue, a couple of years later, I started getting "friends request" emails from people on facebook! It appears that a hacker had re-activated my facebook account! As far as I can tell, even if you close the account, you can always open it again (or apparently someone else can open it if they can figure out your password!) Fortunately, I had deleted all personal information and friends before I closed the account the first time. But I wish the system worked so that if you closed your account, it could not be opened again.

  3. Sharon, I don't know you, but I just wanted to let you know that you CAN delete your account. You probably just deactivated your account from the account settings page, which takes the info down from Facebook pages, BUT keeps it in their servers so that you can reactivate the account if you want. To delete the account, go to help and search for "permanently delete account". This will pull up a form that you can submit to Facebook for permanent deletion of your info -- hope this helps! :)

  4. Lauren, thank you so much for the info! I just permanently deleted my facebook account and am so glad to know I won't have any problems with someone hacking into it again in the future. Thanks again!

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