Monday, December 1, 2008

JV Thanksgiving Celebration

Sixteen years ago we celebrated our first Thanksgiving with Dan and Laura Hash, having all just moved as new JV missionaries to Eastern Europe two weeks earlier.

Finding the turkey that year was difficult, not to mention all the other traditional foods we like to have! But we do have great memories of that first Thanksgiving together.

Well, maybe Laura doesn't after 10 month old Caleb threw up on her after the meal...bleh!

This year we were at Malenovice for our 16th Thanksgiving here in Eastern Europe, celebrating with 85 JV missionaries! We don't just have a meal, we have a whole retreat to celebrate now!

Wednesday night JV folks started arriving, with many bringing their special food items to add into our bountiful feast. If you could see the table we had on Thursday (we actually have to have three "stations" to fit it all!) you'd want to be there too!

For the next three days together we enjoyed lots of good food, sweet fellowship, happy laughter, rich teaching from Dave, an incredible talent show by our kids and loads of just plain fun!

Much to be thankful for!!!

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  1. I don't remember Caleb vomiting on me. Is that right? Wow. Guess I put bad memories far, far away... They've only been covered by sweet ones of Caleb!