Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Celebrating Caleb's Birthday

We had a great day yesterday celebrating Caleb's 16th birthday! It was a day full of surprises for him.

With the help of Tyler and some
of Caleb's teachers, we got him out of school early - a nice first surprise since he wasn't expecting that on the last day of his final exams for the semester!

Then it was to the car where Claire and I were waiting. I handed him the phone and told him to call his dad and simply ask, "What's happening?"

Dave was in Sumperk finishing up the editing of a promo video for Exit 316. He told Caleb that we'd be meeting up in Olomouc in an hour. I
wish you could've seen the confusion on his face as he was trying to sort out what his dad was saying. That is until he said, "We're going on to Brno to get you a guitar!" and then the lights went on!

The Furch guitar
is handmade at a small factory near Brno and they have a showroom downtown where you can buy them at a reduced cost of what you'd pay if you were buying it out of the country. We got Tyler his guitar there on his 16th birthday and have greately enjoyed listening to for the past couple of years...and now we get to add another one to listen to!

We spent a couple of hours in the small showroom - Dave, Tyler and Caleb all trying out the guitars. Finally the selection was made! Such a happy moment,
watching him with it, knowing he will have and enjoy it for a long time.

We left Brno around 4 with him thinking that was the end of his birthday celebration. He actually fell asleep in the car most of the way back.

But that wasn't the end!

Instead of going home, we went up to Malenovice where I'd told him we were having dinner. Much to his shock and delight, twenty friends were waiting there and yelled, "SURPRISE" as he walked in the door! It was perfect! Pulling off a surprise party is so much fun when it really works!!!

We had a great evening together celebr
ating Caleb and blessing him with words of encouragement and advise.

It was one of those priceless days where we got to enjoy and celebrate our son with people that we love!

I went to bed happy and peaceful, knowing Caleb would remember this birthday for a long time to come. As a mom, that's a great feeling!

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  1. Oh oh oh! I LOVED reading that! Every bit of it! I like the way you guys know Caleb and think of him! I love how your family celebrates and this was for his 16th! Oh! Can't wait to hear him on that guitar!