Friday, January 23, 2009

Travel Season

Dave left yesterday evening for stop of many in the next two weeks. He's in Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Phoenix, AZ...what a funny combination of places huh?!

Here's what he's up to in those places:

Poland - Mtg with JV leaders involved in church planting
Ukraine - JV Council meetings
Estonia - Visiting JV staff
Latvia - Visiting JV staff
Phoenix - JV Board winter meeting

He returns home on Friday, February 6th and leaves the next morning to speak all day at a men's conference about an hour away. Hope he doesn't have any jet lag!

There are more travels to come after that...he's home for two weeks, then away two weeks, home two weeks and away again for another two weeks. Whew! In between there I have a JV ladies retreat, though thankfully at Malenovice so no traveling for me!

So this is Dave's season of travel. Pray for him!

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  1. Thanks Connie for the update! I always enjoy hearing what's going on with you guys! :) lv, Jenny M