Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's Official!

For the past two weeks we've been waiting for a certain letter to arrive in the mail. We've never checked the mailbox so diligently!

Tyler had made early application to Moody Bible Institute back in November after much thought and prayer regarding his future. When he went to visit colleges with Dave in the fall, he decided that Moody was his number one choice, and thus only applied there.

So we've been waiting anxiously to see if the Lord would confirm that choice.

Two nights ago around midnight, Tyler called me up to his room (yes, we were both up late...we "suffer" from the same night owl disease!). Surprisingly, the letter didn't come in the mailbox, but to his inbox at that late hour! And it was good news - he's officially accepted!

We're delighted! Through the years we've had wonderful connections with both students and faculty at Moody, as well as having been there for their mission's week one year when Dave was the speaker. We were so impressed by the atmosphere among both students and faculty, who share a common heart and desire to follow and serve God with their lives. We can't think of a better place for Tyler to be than among those kind of people!

So, come August of this year, Tyler will head downtown Chicago and start a new chapter in his life!


  1. Tyler told me earlier this week that he was accepted. I am so excited for him!!

  2. I like the new blog look! Also your new photo in the corner is cute! Is your hair a bit lighter? And I'm thrilled to get the good news about Tyler, though I must say I'm not surprised. My guess is they are begging him to come rather than accepting him!