Saturday, February 21, 2009

In the Meantime...

Though I don't think I have time today to think about yet another new look for my blog (UPDATE...I did change the look!), I do want to get a few things posted here before time continues to march on!

First is that we are buried in snow!! Yes, after three years of being virtually snow-less in this mountain region, we finally have snow.

I don't know when my opinion of snow changed...I didn't used to like it. But now I do. It might have something to do with finally having 4 Wheel Drive (thank you very much Dad!), a garage to park in, and a snow-blower to deal with the ever increasing snowfall on our driveway...don't mind shoveling the walks, but no, no...not the driveway!

When we lived up at Malenovice those three years (short story...left our previous house because it was making Claire incredibly ill due to mold, then waited 3 years for the Lord to provide another solution which He most wonderfully did!), we spent a LOT of time trudging up and down the hill in deep snow, carrying tons of groceries on my
back because I couldn't carry them, and having frightening encounters with the little road that winds up and down to the hotel...of course it snowed a lot during those years! And I hate to say it, but I complained more than once about it! :)

Those were also the days before we had a parking lot at Malenovice, before there we
re stairs, before there were staff to CLEAR those stairs! I remember parking on the side of the road at the bottom - hoping, PRAYING, that the snowplow wouldn't drive by and either hit me, or bury me. He never did, but I worried about it all the time. Tells you something about how productive my worry was doesn't it?!

But maybe that's why I didn't like snow back then.

I do now though! It's been so pretty outs
ide that I almost can't stand affects me like that sometimes. Watching those huge flakes fall and pile up around our house...ahhh, it just does something good for my soul.

And shoveling or blowing snow? Hey, I do it three, sometimes four times a day right now...without complaint!

Dave has been gone much of the time we've had snow, and all three kids have been sick so couldn't make them go out there to do it (at least, not too often!). But I really haven't minded this year.

Somehow the Lord has kindly redeemed his creation of snow for me. And you know what? I appreciate that...and am sorry I ever told Him that I didn't like it!

So that's one of the things that's news these days!


  1. Hey! Good blog post! I'm glad you like the snow! So do I! And thank you for shoveling every day!

  2. BTW, that anonymous comment was from me, Claire. :)