Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Special Day

Another beautiful piece of news is that Claire was baptized last Sunday here in Frydlant!

I am so proud of all my kids for making this step on their own, choosing to be identified with Christ in His death and resurrection through baptism.

It was precious to hear Claire give her testimony (in Czech!) telling of how she came to faith in Jesus. Though she was young (the day before her 5th birthday!) it was very genuine and has proved to be true as she has lived her life since then as a believer, growing in Christ.

There were four others baptized at the same time as her. A mom of a girl who goes to BMA and is in Tyler's class, two youth group boys who trusted Christ through Exit 316, and Nicholas Pitcher, our pastor's son and long time friend (well...long time meaning his whole life, 15 years!).

Tyler has been sick so wasn't able to lead worship that Caleb did instead. For the first time! He did such a great job up front, leading us into the presence of the Lord with his voice and new guitar.

He also ended the service by singing a really cool song that he picked out for those who were baptized called "Come and Listen". Dave on violin, Tyler on guitar and myself on the piano accompanied him.

Very special day all the way around!

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  1. Hey, I love your the new look. It is you, the other one was not. It's gentle, yet full of life. I would love to hear Clair's testimony. I wish to hear how it was for her. Do you have a recorded copy? Barca