Monday, December 7, 2009

In a Rut

I'm sitting here at my desk looking out the window at this view. While it's beautiful and at times inspires me, I feel myself in a little bit of a writing rut. Ever been there?

Oh there are plenty of things going on around here...never a lack in that department!

But unfortunately...there are a lot of things that I just can't write about. It seems like so much of what we do here is just not shareable.

I wish I could...we see God moving around us EVERY SINGLE DAY. It often astounds me.

And yet...I can't write about it so much of the time because it involves people's lives and stories that are not for me to share.
So...what to write about?

Just today I came across a post on someone's blog that inspired me. It was about capturing the simple moments and thoughts of a day.

Now that's something I can do!
And maybe it will help me get out of this rut. So...on to some simple moments and thoughts...

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